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Coaching Ks

As many of you know by now, UCLA justly rewarded it's basketball coach, who brought home a Pac-10 championship for the first time in about a decade, and more importantly almost brought us banner no. 12. Here is ESPN's story on Howland's seven contract:

Ben Howland has been rewarded for his quick rebuilding job.

Howland agreed to a seven-year contract with UCLA on Friday that will keep the men's basketball coach in Westwood through the 2012-13 season.

The 49-year-old Howland will make a guaranteed $1.15 million for the upcoming season and have that figure bumped to $1.6 million by the completion of the deal.

In his third season with the Bruins, Howland guided the team to a 32-7 record and its first appearance in the NCAA championship in 11 years before losing to Florida.

"Ben is one of the top coaches in all of college basketball," UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said. "In a short time, he has returned UCLA to elite status and we expect to remain there for the foreseeable future.

"Reaching the championship game in just his third year was an outstanding achievement, and he is building a program that will be strong for years to come."
Amen to that.  More details from Dohn at Daily News:
Howland, 49, was guaranteed $930,000 last season, and made an additional $183,639 in bonuses and incentives, which included winning the Pacific-10 Conference title and reaching the Final Four. UCLA lost to Florida in the national championship game.

Howland's base salary was increased $100,000, to $250,000. The guaranteed portion of his deal increases by $50,000 next season, followed by annual increases of $60,000, $70,000, $80,000, $90,000 and, finally, $100,000 in 2012-13.

"As I said on the day that Dan Guerrero hired me, UCLA is my dream job," said Howland, 49. "I grew up a Bruin basketball fan. I am honored to be the head coach at this fine institution, and I am thankful to Dan for the faith he has shown in me. Reaching the title game last year was tremendous, but our goal is to contend for the NCAA title on a regular basis. "
He has a way of hitting all the right notes. Doesn't he? And looks like we just may be on the verge of even more exciting season given the latest news out of Westwood. I will post my thoughts on that story once it is all confirmed. Howland deserves every penny of this raise.

Now, on the other side of spectrum, UCLA gave Dorrell a new renegotiated 5 year deal. But as I noted in the comment section in the diaries no need to get too worked up over it. He already had a 5 year rollover agreement. He gets the raise to $850,000 for the same five year contract that he had.

And why does UCLA give him the 5 year rollover? Project an image of stability on the recruiting front.

We heard the same "extension" nonsense during Lavin era too. In other words if he doesn't beat SC and win 9 games this will not slow down all the speculation about his short/long term viability in Westwood. Also if and when Dorrell is fired, just like with Lavin, he doesn't get the whole amount under his K, just his official salary (UC approved), which in Lavin's case was 150k a year.

This story about pay raise is a PR move on the part of UCLA. It makes both coaches look great. One of course deserved the raise as he has unquestionably proved himself by his team's performance on the field and stellar recruiting off the field, while the other ... well we know that's up for discussion at the moment. The later one can certainly help himself by winning 9 games and beating USC.