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Sunday Morning Bruin News Notes ...

Dohn confirms the Dragovic rumors with this mixed-news recruiting update:

Countryman Nikola Dragovic, a 6-foot-7 wing, was accepted into UCLA and will enroll, but Marko Spica, a 6-foot-9 low-post player, was not admitted, sources said.

Spica signed a binding national letter of intent with UCLA in the fall, and got through the NCAA clearinghouse. But his admission to UCLA was denied, blocking his chance of playing for the Bruins. He averaged 11 points and seven rebounds as a junior playing for the High School of Sport in Belgrade.

Dragovic, who will turn 19 in December, will not sign a letter of intent, but he could sign scholarship papers. That would bind UCLA to him, but still allow Dragovic to attend another school.

An announcement on the developments could come within a few days.

According to, Dragovic averaged 16.4points and 4.5 rebounds playing last season for Mega Ishrana in Serbia and Montenegro.

In seven games in the ongoing Under-20 European championships, he is averaging 13.3points and 6.4 rebounds in 23 minutes per game.

On several NBA draft Web sites, Dragovic is listed as a top 100 player to watch for the 2007 draft. One person who has knowledge of Dragovic's game said, "he could be a one- and-done player, but I expect him to be there at least two years."
BTW Dohn also mentioned that Spica is probably headed to Central Michigan to play for Coach Ziegler, who recruited both Spica and Dragovic. Let's wish Spica luck. Anyways, nice work by Dohn in tracking this story over the weekend. For more on Dragovic check out BBR.

Meanwhile, there is no mention of Dragovic story in the LA Times this morning. There is no mention of a potential major recruiting joining a UCLA basketball team which won the Pac-10 and almost brought home banner no. 12. There is no mention of a recruiting update which could potentially had ramifications on UCLA's quest to defend it's Pac-10 title and to make another major run in the Big Dance. While the Times was out to lunch (again) in this major piece of good news from Westwood, they did take their time and devote some column space to take this cheap shot against Cade McNown. And you wonder why the LA Times's sports section has lost so much credibility with UCLA fans across the country. Oh well.