Now Dorrell Himself Floating NFL Rumors

Looks like Dorrell is picking up lot of Steve Lavin tricks. He is now taking upon himself to float NFL rumors:

Karl Dorrell, head coach of the UCLA Bruins football team, joined Ben Maller and Jim Mora on FOX GameTime Saturday, and was asked if he had been approached by anybody in the off-season about the Raider job: "Unofficially yes. I'm not really looking for anything like that right now. I feel that I'm finally getting this job at UCLA where it should be, we're not quite where we need to be but we're getting closer and closer." ... "You know I'm just taking it as it comes but I got unfinished business right now at UCLA and that's really the first and foremost thing on my mind." Yeah Dorrell being a marketable NFL coaching candidate is about just as believable as Lavin being coveted by major D-1 ADs (who actually know anything about hoops).

Dorrell seems to be trying hard to make himself look like a legit head coach by floating rumors about job opportunities. But then again if Raiders (who has a recent history of hiring loser coaches) hired Dorrell that'd be great news for UCLA.

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