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A big week for Bruin Hoops ...

Frank Burlison is confirming what we are all gearing up for:

Barring any last-second change of heart, multiple sources say, Kevin Love, the Tower of Post Power from Lake Oswego, Ore., will confirm sometime Tuesday what many have suspected for a while: He intends to enroll at UCLA in the fall of 2007.

Love, the consensus No. 1-A or 1-B prospect in the national high school senior class, is expected to hold a press conference late Tuesday morning or early Tuesday afternoon in a lecture hall on the Foothill High Campus (the headquarters for the Reebok Big Time Tournament) in which it is believed he will announce he has decided upon UCLA over North Carolina as the school he will sign a national letter off intent with in November.
So in just three short years Howland has restored the UCLA basketball program to the point we are going head to head against UNC and beating them for top-5 recruits in the country. That's what we can call seeing discernible progress in our athletics program. And not just any recruit. Just how significant could be a potential Love committment to UCLA? From Burlison:
If Love ends up in Westwood a little more than a year from now, he'll be considered the most gifted freshman basketball player on campus since Bill Walton arrived from La Mesa's Helix High in the fall of 1970.
This is huge. And one group the Bruins Nation should be thankful to is - the Den - the UCLA student section, which put on quite a show (video) when Love came to Westwood to attend the UCLA/Arizona this past season (Okay well our basketball team was putting on quite a show too).  Anyways, I think we can safely assume we are going to see a barrage of stories coming out this week. For now just sit back, relax, and enjoy these highlights again:

Good times for UCLA basketball.

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Thanks for your patience guys.