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Love Coming to Town (in 16 months)

Frank Burlison has more details from Love's presser on his blog (emphasis mine):

Love made his announcement during a press conference in a crowded lecture hall on the Foothill High campus that is serving as the headquarters for the Reebok Big Time Tournament. It's an event that Love and his Southern California and his teammates are overwhelmingly favored to capture when the championship game is played Wednesday night.

Of course, he isn't going to be able to play for the Bruins until the 2007-08 season - which doesn't begin for about 16 months.

So UCLA fans - and Bruins' fans - are going to have to wait awhile.

But he's worth it. Let's put it this way: With Love in the lineup, along with the underclassmen already in place in Howland's program, the Bruins will be on a very short list of teams with the best shot at winning the 2008 national title."[...]

It's just that UCLA fans - and Howland - are going to have a little patience . . . 16 months' worth, give or take . . . to see that happen.
We waited throught 7 dark years of Steve Lavin. We can wait another 16 months. It's end of July. And yet I already have the full case of March Madness.

Thank you Ben Howland and staff.