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Morning Love

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Before getting to sports - today is the first day of the (California) Bar exam. Let's all wish best of luck to every member of the Bruins Nation who may be taking that little pop quiz all across the U.S. this week. Good luck to you all. Now back to Bruin news of this morning.

More signs pointing to a possible huge day for UCLA basketball. From CBS Sportsline:

"This is all quite an experience," said Kevin Love, a center for the Southern California All-Stars who is expected to choose soon between UCLA and North Carolina. This being Las Vegas, it's worth noting the smart money is apparently on UCLA.
And from the OC Register:
UCLA, however, could gain a commitment today from center Kevin Love from Lake Oswego, Ore., who is regarded as the No.2 prospect in the Class of 2007 and would be the highest-profile recruit under Coach Ben Howland.

The 6-9 Love is expected to make public his decision to attend UCLA or North Carolina during a break in the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas.
Even Blue Devil Nation is jumping into this Love bonanza predicting UCLA to prevail over its Tobacco Road arch rival in the most high profile basketball recruiting battle of the season. Guess we will see how the official news turn out later today.

Meanwhile over at Fox Sports Burlison (the man is everywhere!) has a report on what Love and his team did to a team led by a certain controversial/tainted SC recruit, who has everyone around the so called college campus by the Harbor freeway drooling like Pavlov's dogs (emphasis mine):
LAS VEGAS - OK, if you'd been struggling of late for a nice working definition of "letdown," I hope you were one of the 4,000 or so fans crammed into Foothill High's main gymnasium Sunday night for the Reebok Big Time pool play "showdown" between the Southern California All-Stars (Kevin Love's Team - Ed.) and Cincinnati-based D-1 Greyhounds (OJ's Team). [...]

I knew things were going to be a bit dicey during warm-ups when Greyhounds' forward Billy Walker was sitting on the bench with a forlorn expression on his face. [...]

[H]e didn't play in the game, apparently with a banged-up knee suffered in a game played Saturday. [...]

But without him on the floor and with guard O.J. Mayo looking almost mortal after a performance earlier Sunday against the Chicago team that has probably already morphed into legend (more on that later), D-1 has D-Zero chance of knocking off the Southern California club.

Mayo missed six of seven shots, Kevin Love and Renardo Sidney combined for 17 points and 10 rebounds, and Brandon Jennings had seven assists and two steals and SoCal was up 41-21 at intermission. [...]

I'll skip any details on that one since I've already forgotten them. The game was just another reminder why Love (29 points, 12 rebounds and four or five "I can't freakin' believe he just did that!" outlet passes) -- who is expected to announce Tuesday that he will sign with UCLA in November -- is without peer as a high school post player in the Class of 2007.
While we are all dreaming about the UCLA basketball team of 2007, JD over at Bruin Hoop Scoop scouted out next year's team hooping it up in summer league. His report on Shipp to me is encouraging. These are heady days for UCLA basketball. Even a Dukee V has UCLA as his preseason No. 5 going into next season. Soak it up. Thankfully it looks like it will last a while and it is making up for bad (recruiting) news coming out from the football front.

Thank God for Howland.