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Love Everywhere in So. Cal. (Except the LA Times)

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Guys first off again apologies for our server issues.  SBN network had record traffic yesterday again. We of course experienced heavy volume for some reason God knows what (lol). But as this network gets bigger and bigger our tech folks are adding more and more servers to keep it running smoothly. So apologies for these glitches in last 24-48 hrs hours. This should be all smoothed out in near future.

So Love is in every major So. Cal. newspapers this am except for the LA Times. Brian Dohn of the Daily News as usual is on the beat:

UCLA coach Ben Howland finally landed the type of impact big man that has eluded him since his arrival in Westwood.

During a Tuesday press conference in Las Vegas, 6-foot-9 Kevin Love - the top low-post player in the Class of 2007 and widely regarded as the second-best high school senior-to-be in the nation - gave a non-binding oral commitment to UCLA.

The Lake Oswego (Ore.) High product, who is the son of former Laker Stan Love and nephew of Mike Love, a founding member of the Beach Boys, chose the Bruins over North Carolina.

"There were a lot of changes for a while in my mind, and then UCLA just skyrocketed in my mind," Love said. "I just had a right feeling. One day (earlier this month), I just woke up and it felt right. I then woke up day after day, and it still felt right. I like coach Howland's style of slow down the ball, get the big men the ball."
Dohn also got the following comments from Greg Hicks (from BRO), who I think is one of the best (if not the best) college basketball recruiting analyst in the country:
"It's the best get for UCLA since Baron Davis (in 1997)," said Greg Hicks, a recruiting analyst for "Baron was the best point guard in the country. Kevin is the best center in the country. Kevin Love could have played for UCLA when he was a freshman in high school. He was that advanced."

Love should add a consistent scoring presence in the interior.
Well unlike Davis, Love is going to get some of the best coaching in the country when he steps into Westwood. It's too bad Davis was not able to use his incredible talent to its fullest potential due to the incompetence of Lavin, but we are not going to have that issue with Love. Barring any freak injuries (knocking on wood profusely) Love should be able to contribute immediately he steps on to John and Nell Wooden Court. Make sure to read the whole Dohn piece which also reports how Love basically exhorted Afflalo to come back for his senior season so that AA can spot and launch all the open 3s. Great stuff. Meanwhile, the OC Register and the Press Enterprise also have coverage on the Love commitment with the standard content we have already seen elsewhere. As does Channel 7 (LA's ABC affiliate which is linked to ESPN).

Once again though there is absolutely nothing from the LA Times on the Love story. Nothing. How bad is the LA Times? Check out the LA Times UCLA section. This is the lead story in the LA Times UCLA section:
Penalties Are Lessened for Italian Soccer Teams
Steve Springer; Lisa Dillman; Larry Stewart
A sports court allowed Fiorentina and Lazio to rejoin Italy's top soccer division and reduced the points penalty against Juventus in Serie B after successful appeals Tuesday in a match-fixing scandal.
So UCLA quite possibly gets its biggest recruit since Baron Davis and probably the most prized big man since Bill Walton, and yet there is nothing from the LA Times. It uses 3 writers to cover the Italian soccer scandal (one them - Steve Springer - who has previously covered the UCLA beat) and stick that story into the UCLA section. This is disgraceful. Those guys ought to be embarrassed. If you have time today you should fire off an email to Bill Dwyre, the editor of the LA Times sports section (please be polite). While LA Times is missing in action, check out this from USA Today via AP wire:
Nevada preps star Love opts for UCLA

Posted 7/25/2006 8:00 PM ET

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Kevin Love, considered one of the nation's top basketball prospects from Lake Oswego High School in Nevada, said Tuesday he will play for UCLA.
And you wonder why we have so little confidence in our country's traditional media? Again, keep these kinds of little things in mind when you read Dorrell stories in the LA Times and national wires via AP et. al. Moving on. More later during the East Coast lunch hours.