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Morning Notes ...

The Pac-10 Media Day is today. Here is the press release (media advisory (PDF)). And check out this from the Pac-10 website. Note the logo for UCLA. Either the folks who run for Pac-10 are incompetent stooges or no one has any respect for Dorrell's football program. I don't see any major news stories from the LA or other west coast papers on it today. Guess we will see them tomorrow or on the national sites later today.

Home Bruin has a post in the diary section that everyone should read:

In a perfect world, Karl Dorrell rules the UCLA football program for twenty years.  An African-American, with honor and decency, representing the very best of UCLA athletics.  We all want that.  All of us.

Unfortunately, Karl has yet to prove his worth, has been thoroughly outcoached by Cheat Caroll, and has been labeled a lazy recruiter by many young players.

I don't know where this leaves us.  Karl recruited Southpaw Jesus, and grabbed a few other good recruits.  Terrence Austin should be a monster.  The Bosworths should contribute.

No matter what happens, I just want the record to reflect that we all rooted like hell for Karl, and that his success/failure was his own.

Like I said, we're UCLA, and we love our own.
There isn't a single sentence in there I can disagree with. It sums up my sentiment exactly. And judging from the current poll results it looks like majority of the Bruins Nation do not dislike Dorrell. We are just not sure that he has proven himself as a head caoch and he can do that this year by meeting our expectations. None of us have anything personal against KD. We are going to root for him this year to win 9 games and beat SC.

Also a great UCLA football related news out of the Heartland. KC Chiefs signed a three year deal with Jarrad Page:
The Chiefs agreed to terms Wednesday with former UCLA safety Jarrad Page, ending his flirtation with professional baseball.

Page was a seventh-round NFL draft pick in April, then was picked by the Los Angeles Angels in the same round of the baseball draft.

Page's three-year deal means he'll make the trip to River Falls, Wis., today when the team leaves for training camp.
Best of luck to JP. Hopefully we are going to get read about his interceptions and ferocious hits on the newest member of SBN - Arrowhead Pride. KC Chiefs who are lead by Carl Peterson, a former assistant at UCLA loves blue chip talents out of Westwood.

Page Turner - Photo via The Daily Bruin

Meanwhile, the LA Times has a huge story one Pete Carroll's shady program in which PC whines about how it is the agents fault. Check out these paras. from the lengthy article:
It was the first Sunday in April, and though football season had ended months earlier, the scene at USC was hectic.

More than 100 NFL coaches, scouts and executives prowled the Cromwell Field track, more than 1,000 spectators filled the stands, and firemen stood atop a pumper outside the fence, straining to see. All wanted a closer look at Bush, Leinart and the other draft-eligible Trojans.

Most college prospects display their skills -- running, jumping, lifting weights -- at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis each February. USC is among the bigger college programs that hold "pro days," inviting scouts to evaluate players on campus.

Along with NFL types and fans, it was no surprise that agents showed up to encourage their clients and peruse any unsigned talent.

"It was a three-ring circus," Ornstein recalled.

The commotion was partly Carroll's doing. He not only scheduled the event on a weekend, opening it to the public, but also invited top high school players and their families. The idea was to give potential recruits a taste of where they might be in a few years.

"Show them what it's like," Carroll said. "This is part of our program."

Before the workouts, word spread that Carroll wanted agents to gather in an auditorium inside Heritage Hall. There, he gave a speech that, according to various accounts, fell somewhere between a stern warning and a tongue-lashing.

"There was a really sensitive rule they needed to be aware of, that they couldn't make contact with the high school kids," Carroll said. "That was the point of the meeting, that we could get in big trouble, and I just made it really clear."

Steinberg suggests the coach was "attempting to make a dramatic statement." Ornstein, also in attendance, said: "There are a lot of unscrupulous agents and half of them were in that room. I think he was trying to get a point across and I think he did that."

Other agents took offense.

"There were a lot of expletives along the way," Price said. "Basically, it was 'If you do something to hurt me, I will hurt you. So let this be clear. If you want a friendship with USC and me, you will follow these rules.' "
lol. Scapegoating, demonizing, passing the buck, and blaming someone else where there is zero accountability. Guess that's the American way these days.

Yes, I am sure it was those filthy agents fault that poor Jarrett didn't know he was not supposed to take thousdands of dollars of free rent.

I am sure it was those filthy agents fault that Bush's parents didn't know they were supposed to be living in a free house.

And I am sure it was the fault of those filthy agents who kept USC officials checking into Frostee Rucker's criminal past before that a sexual predator somehow slipped under the radar and roamed around freely on that so called college campus (this story is still not closed yet).

Yeap Carroll has nothing to do with this gigantic pile of dogsh!t that is currently stinking up USC.

Uh whatever.