ESPN Misses the Story on (alleged) Trojan Sex Offender (Frostee Rucker)

Did anyone watch ESPN's Outside the Lines yesterday. They covered the story of unfolding Trojan rape scandal. I am highlighting his history before USC offered him a scholarship:

From the time he was a kid, people recognized Frostee Rucker's football ability and figured he could play in the NFL. Rucker was a high school star in Tustin, Calif., and eventually starred as a defensive end on USC's championship teams where he was known for his flair on the field and affability with the media off it. This April, after head coach Marvin Lewis spoke about paying "big attention to character," the Cincinnati Bengals chose Rucker in the third round of the NFL draft. But despite Rucker's public geniality, he has demonstrated a pattern of violence toward women. When he was 13, Rucker was charged with sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. Rucker claimed the sex was consensual, and supported by letters commending his character and ability as a football player, he was found not guilty. While at Colorado State on a football scholarship, Rucker was charged with rape, and in a separate incident, indecent exposure. The alleged victim in the rape case says facing a courtroom proved to be too horrifying, so she decided not to testify. For the indecent exposure incident, Rucker pled guilty to a reduced charge of harassment and received a one-year deferred sentence. In a separate hearing conducted by the school's judicial affairs department, Rucker was dismissed from the university. USC, undaunted or unaware of his past, accepted Rucker. During his time at USC, Rucker dated a woman who says he was often violent and abusive toward her, and last month Rucker was charged with battery and vandalism relating to that woman's claims. Now, Rucker is a member of the Bengals.

The show was aired at 9:30 am EST. Thank God for TIVO. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to watch it.

ESPN missed the obvious story line on Frosty the Rape Man. They did the story from the angle on how could have the Bengals drafted Frostee despite his history which shows a pattern of violence against women?

They didn't ask the question why in the world Pete Carroll, Mike Garrett, and USC allowed this dangerous man to walk into their campus, join the football team (which already has a violent history), despite his history with violence against women?

Shouldn't they have known exactly why he was dismissed from the Colorado State football program?

And if they did a little investigating on why he was dismissed from the CSU football program wouldn't they have find out about charges of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl?

I wonder if ESPN just decided to skip that angle of the story because they didn't want to go near their TV ratings cash cow?

Where is NOW?

Where is the LA MSM?

God forbid if a UCLA football player was involved in this kind of scandal all the vultures in the LA media would be all over it.

Disgusting ... this SC football program is. Disgusting.

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