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The Return of a (U.S. Open) Champion

UPDATE:Corey pulled it off ending a 10 year PGA title drought. Congrats Corey! GO BRUINS. -N

Wanted to share this great article just read in the Golf Digest on Bruin alum Corey Pavin.

Pavin is back in the limelight. He set a PGA record over the weekend shooting an astonishing 8 under par 26 to begin his opening round at the U.S. Bank Championship. Perhaps he is on the verge of winning his first PGA championship in more than a decade since winning the US open at the Shinnecock Hills (NY) in 1995, which also happened to be the year Bruin brought home banner no. 11:

"The shot: Pavin hits his 238-yard 4-wood approach to clinch the 1995 U.S. Open"
Photo: Bob Ewell via the Golf Digest

Why am I mentioning UCLA hoops? Well the article mentions how CP and his buddies used to camp out for UCLA basketball games near Pauley while they were students in Westwood. It is also a great read describing the highs and lows CP has experienced in last 11 years.

Good luck to Corey.

We are going to be rooting for his return to glory. Then again from the article in the Golf Digest it sounds like he is already there. Good for him.