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USC Football Players Quit Over "Death Threats"?

Get a load of this story. Paragon from Conquest Chronicles posted the story about two senior Trojans DBs - Brandon and Ryan Tings - quitting the USC football team so that they could focus "towards medical school." Well that's nice. It's also nice because this also gives Pete Carroll two more scholies to offer. But there may be something else behind the story of Ting brothers suddenly leaving the USC football program. Check this out - from's "Exit Interview" of the Ting brothers:

How do you want to be remembered?

B: Ultimately, we want to be remembered as people who did what they could for the team in any which way or form - and had fun doing it. We want to be remembered as hard workers who, when given the opportunities, did what they could to help the team. Our teammates know who we are and I'm sure, based on the relationship we've had with the fans, they know who we are as people, too. Hopefully that will take precedence over some of the negative experiences we've had.

R: No disrespect to you guys [] because we love what you do. But we really don't go on the message boards ever since the Texas game - because of that play where many have criticized me for not making the interception. It kind of disheartened me. It was disheartening because after the game, people I didn't even know would call me, and e-mail me. I got death threats--

Are you serious..."death threats"?!

R: Yeah. It's crazy. It was disheartening for me because we have read the message boards in the past. But I think it crossed the line and got to the point where I was going to try to block it out. Since that game, hearing those comments...of course it's not everyone, and the fans for the most part have been very supportive of us. But it kind of took its toll on me just because I was criticized for the choices I made during that play. But the public doesn't know what went on during that play.
So Trojan fans were threatening the lives of their own football players over a play in football game? This is the example of the "Trojan Family" bullshit we constantly hear out of those clowns raving about their football program?

And you wonder why we call that football program an out of control thuggish program, which has become a disgrace to the sport of college football. Like coaches and players, like fans I guess. Wow.

Well hopefully the Ting brothers can get on with their lives now that they can get away from the raved lunatics who follow this renegade football program.

Ting Brothers Received Death Threats Like Colombian Soccer Players
(Photo:K.C. ALFRED / Union-Tribune)

Good luck again to the Ting brothers in their endeavors (med. school).

I wonder again why parents would send their kids to play football fover at that insane asylum which is now starting to sound like the Colombian soccer team, whose players get death threats and often get shot for screwing up soccer games.