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First the Horse, Now the Band

Granted, this isn't the most hard hitting post I've ever done.  But, it's the weekend.

As we well know, it's not like USC hasn't done enough to embarrass itself recently.

But, just in case anyone was wondering whether or not one stereotype sometimes applied to USC was fair or not, they go and give us this.

I'm not the first one to notice this, but, as reported in the Daily News, the Trojan band has been banished to the cheap seats.  The SC administration has the gall to claim that it evicted the band for "acoustic" reasons, when its plain as day that this was all about the money.

The self-proclaimed "greatest marching band in the history of the universe" has lost its prime seats at the Coliseum so the University of Southern California can accommodate more ticket-buying fans for football games.

USC's marching band, which spent at least 30 years stationed behind the Trojans' bench for home games, will sit behind the end zone in a temporary section of bleachers known as the Sun Deck.

USC officials claim that with sellout crowds of more than 90,000 a regular occurrence, the band needs to move for "acoustic" purposes to reach the entire Coliseum.

Band director Arthur Bartner said athletic director Mike Garrett suggested the idea of making the band efforts available to more fans.
An athletic department spokesperson said the tickets would be available as season tickets to those who donate to one of USC's support groups.

It's so incredibly disingenuous and cowardly of USC to not just own up to the fact that this was a pure money play.  I suppose no one should be surprised.  This isn't the first time a member of the Trojan "family" has been screwed by the university for purely financial reasons.

You may remember the mess a few years ago, when another member of the Trojan "family" got a similar rude awakening.  That time, USC commenced legal proceedings in the U.S. patent and trademark office to wrestle the rights to "Traveler" from the horse's longtime owner, Pat Saukko, whose family had raised and trained all five generations of Traveler up to that point.

Then, despite an angry public outcry from alumni, USC attempted to justify its conduct by saying it was just trying to protect the "positive image" of the mascot.  Of course, everyone knows that it was all about royalties and marketing revenue.  USC wanted it, and took it from the Saukko's, after finally being begrudgingly forced to give up a cut.  That didn't save Traveler's rider, though, who was fired.

I guess it's great to be part of that "USC family."  That is, unless you're the help.  Then you should avoid making eye contact, and get out of the way.  Typical.