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BN's Ballot for Blogpoll (Week 1)

So I put up the first draft on Monday. Based on the feedback this is the ballot I will be subitting on behalf of the nation.

Team Snark
1 Ohio State Sweater vest primed for his second title run.
2 Texas Deserved slot for the defending champs
3 West Virginia A couch burning year in Morgan town
4 Auburn Why aren't there any Auburn bloggers?
5 USC "Locked and loaded" with well paid thugs
6 Florida Urban's offensive scheme and a gangbuster defense
7 Notre Dame Great expectations from Touchdown Jesus
8 California The other flagship school in UC with a Howland like coach
9 LSU A title contender with a great home schedule
10 Iowa Dark horse pick to win the Big-10
11 Miami (FL) Call them "USC of the East"
12 Georgia New starters at O, but Richt has his system down
13 Louisville Petrino?s team set up for a big year in the Big lEast
14 Florida State Noles trending downward, but can't never count Bowden out
15 Oklahoma Lexus U still has a Heisman contending RB and an incredible defense
16 Texas Tech More Tech training for a future UCLA head football coach?
17 Michigan Another underachieving year for rich man's Terry Donahue?
18 Tennessee Another talented SEC team set up with favorable (shocking I know) schedule
19 Oregon Smellotti set up a for nice run in the Pac-10
20 UCLA Dorrell ready to meet the minimum expectations?
21 Alabama Everything in place except for the ? mark at QB (John Parker Wilson)
22 Clemson Set up for another underachieving season?
23 Virginia Tech Talented tailbacks, attacking defense = another 9 win season for Coach Beamer
24 Boston College Denizens of Chestnut Hill still looking for a break through season
25 Michigan State It was going to be either MSU or PSU. Spartans have the QB (Drew Stanton)

If you are interested in reading how other members of the blogpoll are casting their vote check out BON, Conquest Chronicles, EDSBS, Dawg Sports, Maize n Brew, and Dan over at Mark May Be Wrong. This discussion is going to be endless but fun.

Again one can always argue all this is moot since we are not going to have a clear picture until the 4t week of the season, but this is what makes college football so much fun.

Let me know if there are aberrations. Otherwise I will send this in tomorrow.