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The Ballad of Pom Pom Pete

Since we are on the topic of blogrolling/bookmarking and the "physical genius" today this couldn't be more timely.

From one of the latest editions to our growing SBN family - Notre Dame blog - Rakes of Mallow:

Rob from Rakes of Mallow flagged this bit from the LA Times:

USC's roster is nowhere near as star-studded as last season, but the Trojans still embrace celebrity.

That was evident during a team meeting.

As defensive coordinator Nick Holt tore into the team about a play that occurred late in practice, Carroll burst through a door in the back of the room wearing the Wonder Bread NASCAR racing suit that USC alum Will Ferrell sports as driver Ricky Bobby in the movie "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby."

Carroll approached the front of the room, but before he got a chance to speak, the similarly attired Ferrell entered through another door and shouted at him.

Players cheered, laughed and then broke for a surprise screening of the film.

"That was pretty crazy," senior center Ryan Kalil said. "Coach Carroll always has a few surprises."
Sounds like a program which is really serious about getting its goons under control (Not).

Anyways welcome to the Nation Rob.

And speaking of welcoming new colleagues to SBN we also have new bloggers from Georgia Tech, Penn State, and BYU. They are all blogrolled on the right. I'd highly recommend checking them out. Some of the most passionate, intelligent, and witty college football/hoops junkies online. They are my daily stops. They should be yours.