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BN Blogpoll Ballot (Week 1 Final)

Ok this is it. Here is the final ballot from Bruins Nation which we submitted today.

I took up Arty's suggestion and bumped down ND a little further down. But I am not ready to drop them below top-10. With Brady Quinn captaining that offense I think they are a top-10 despite serious questions in their front 7.

I also bumped Iowa and Tennessee down a bit further down as well based on the feedbacks in last two threads:

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State 25
2 Texas 24
3 West Virginia 23
4 Auburn 22
5 Southern Cal 21
6 Florida 20
7 Cal 19
8 Louisiana State 18
9 Notre Dame 17
10 Louisville 16
11 Miami (Florida) 15
12 Iowa 14
13 Georgia 13
14 Florida State 12
15 Oklahoma 11
16 Texas Tech 10
17 Michigan 9
18 Oregon 8
19 Tennessee 7
20 UCLA 6
21 Alabama 5
22 Clemson 4
23 Virginia Tech 3
24 Boston College 2
25 Michigan State 1

Dropped Out:

Yes UCLA has enough talent to be a top-25 team.

In terms of talent in the Pac-10 we are only behind USC and Cal, and one can argue that Cal probably doesn't have the depth in terms of talent at all the positions like we have. Sure we are a little thin at LBs and at DBs, but we do have some young talent ready to step up. And now that a new DC with all that hype is in place there is no excuse for this team not to win 9 wins and beat SC at home.

Based on those realistic minimum expectations alone UCLA is a top-20 football team in the eyes of Bruins Nation.

So are you ready?

(HT to Joey at Schembechler Hall)

Just 2 more weekends to go without UCLA football.