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Newsweek: UCLA Among America's 25 New Elite 'Ivies'

Really interesting article in Newsweek's Kaplan College guide.

Barbara Kantrowitz and Karen Springen have penned an article for the magazine identifying 25 national universities as "America's New Elite 'Ivies'." According to Kantrowitz and Springen these are "world class schools," whose admission statistics and education standard put them on par with the 8 schools from Ivy Leagues along with Stanford, University of Chicago, and Cal Tech.

Of course UCLA made the list:

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, Calif.

UCLA this past year received a record 47,307 applications; 12,221 got in. Location, moderate cost for California residents and lots of course choices are big selling points, says Vu Tran, director of undergraduate admissions. The College of Letters and Sciences represents about 80 percent of undergrad programs, with the rest in the schools of engineering and applied science, arts and architecture, and theater, film and TV. The most popular major is biology or biology-related majors like biochemistry, followed by psychology and political science. Because UCLA is a public university, most students are from California, but 10 percent of this fall's freshmen are from out of state and 3 percent are from abroad. Major building projects include theaters, studios, the California Nanosystems Institute and enough dorm space so that students can live on campus all four years.
UCLA was one of only 6 schools from blogpoll making this list. Other members who made the cut: Boston College, Michigan, Notre Dame, North Carolina and Virginia.

The surprising omissions: Northwestern, Duke, Cal and Texas.

And of course not surprisingly the community college from South Central, University of Second Choice is nowhere near this list.