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Monday Roundup

Some good news to start the week off on the right foot: As noted in the diary by blackjack, Akeem Ayers commited to UCLA this weekend. Dohn has a nice article in the LADN (and the only one in the local media) on the commitment of LB/ DE Akeem Ayers. Ayers looks like a terrific LB prospect, and we all know how LB recruiting has been neglected in the past few seasons. Be sure to check out Dohn's blog for some more great inside information.

Lonnie White at the LAT has a nice piece on the emergence of Christian Taylor.

Adam de Jong at the Daily Bruin has an article on Walker's impact on the young Bruin defense. Something that Mr. de Jong wrote in this piece will resonate with many here in the Nation:

There is unified tone among the players that expectations for the defense have been raised and excuses are not going to be tolerated.

I really hope so.

Game time 2 weeks from Saturday. Go Bruins.