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Tuesday Roundup

I still can't believe that the 2006 kickoff is only a couple weeks away. I'm starting to get excited about having a few beers and some BBQ at the greatest college football venue on the planet, the Rose Bowl.

As for today's articles, Dohn has a piece on Chirs Markey and his role filling some pretty big shoes (speaking figuratively, of course). Brian also writes about how the Bruins feel like there is a new attitude for this year's defense.

"I think we're more physical," junior defensive tackle Brigham Harwell said. "We've learned the last two years that our defense hasn't been up to par, so we know what we have to do know. I think we're more aggressive, and technical-wise with our skills, (the coaches) are making it better." <snip>

"We want to be aggressive," strong safety Chris Horton said. "We want to attack people. If you're going to play on an attacking defense, you have to have the mentality of an attacker."

Of course, we hear this every year about new attitudes and players being all yoked up from off season training. It's time to see the results on the football field.

Kuwada at the OCR has an article on new UCLA OL coach Jim Colletto and how the players are adjusting to his style of coaching. While Cable obviously led his offenses to some good numbers, his play calling sometimes lacked imagination. Let's hope that changes with Svoboda running the O.

Finally, some notes on the fall scrimmage:

The Bruins will hold their fall scrimmage Saturday at Drake Stadium, free to the public. The scrimmage is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. Gates open at 10. The scrimmage will be followed by an autograph session.

Please feel free to post pictures and/or reviews of the scrimmage or any of the practices that you attend.

Go Bruins!