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Hump Day Roundup

Not much to report on the news front. Matthew Kredel at the LADN (Dohn must have taken the day off) has an article on Air Force transfer and starting MLB Christian Taylor, who talks about how he left the AFA to experience a real college life, and earned a football scholarship in the process. CT could not have choses a better destination than Westwood to do just that. We'll need a big performance from Christian this season.  

Make sure to also check out Inside UCLA with Brian Dohn, where BD responds to some reader questions, and offers his take on some of the shenanigans going down at South Central CC.

Lonnie White at the LAT has an article on Dennis Keyes, and how Dennis has solidified a position in the starting defensive backfield. White also offers this encouraging tidbit on RS FR QB Osaar Rashan:

No. 3 quarterback Osaar Rasshan, a redshirt freshman, has shown signs that he can play for the Bruins, a contrast to his camp struggles a year ago, which led to his playing only on the scout team.

Rasshan, a 6-4, 208-pound athlete from Pomona Garey, has regularly completed passes in team and seven-on-seven drills.

"This is his first year in the offense, really, so he's a little bit behind the other guys," Dorrell said. "But he's a real talented kid. A great athlete who can move around, with a good arm.

"I like the feature of what Osaar is going to bring to UCLA football. He needs a good year to grow to learn in our system and develop his fundamentals as a quarterback. I think he's going to be a 'lights-out' guy."

And finally, the LAT offers their daily felating of the football program across town, lamenting about how the cheating is really not as bad as it used to be. And there's this gem regarding Peter Carroll, he of the "we'll handle it internally" mantra:

And although USC Coach Pete Carroll can be held accountable for opening his sidelines to Snoop Dogg and Ricky Bobby, he has also screamed himself hoarse about rule-following.

Sure he does. Lets' just remember that this is the same nationally recognized newspaper that got scooped on the Reggie Bush house gate scandal.

Anyway, the countdown to kickoff is now a little over 17 days.

Go Bruins!