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Friday Round Up ...

Can't believe it is already Friday. Certainly has been an interesting week for me. Now I can really feel what Josh Shipp meant he was at times sore while recovering from his surgery last season. But thank fully everyone recovers. Shipp is getting in shape (more on him later) as well as yours truly. Thanks again for all the kind words. Anyways, let's get to our Friday news:

Per Dohn Kevin Brown is all right:

UCLA suffered its most significant injury of training camp when starting defensive tackle Kevin Brown suffered a right ankle sprain Thursday morning.

Brown was on crutches later in the afternoon, but x-rays were negative. Sources said Brown has a mild, high-ankle sprain, and could be out of action for a week but should be ready for the season opener Sept. 2 against Utah. He is not expected to participate in Saturday's scrimmage.

Brown, a junior, missed last season after injuring his left ankle in training camp.

"Right now, from (the trainers') observations, it's not as bad as it's been in his past history," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "But we're going to do all the precautionary measures to make sure."
More on the injury from Dohn in his Inside UCLA blog. If this is the most "significant injury" of our training camp, then (knock on wood) we are in pretty damn good shape. Apparently Harwell is dinged up too but nothing to major. They should be ready to go by first game of the season..

OC Register's Kuwada on who will need to step up if Brown's injury lingers a bit:
Sophomore Chase Moline (Mission Viejo High) has been playing with the No.1 defense at the nose tackle position, but he weighs only 280 pounds and had difficulty last season when matched against bigger and more physical players. Behind Moline and Brown on the depth chart are freshmen Jerzy Siewierski and Darius Savage, and senior Brian Ruziecki (Huntington Beach High), a walk-on who is down right now because of a sprained ankle.
Well according the recent depth charts Moline is a little bigger than just 280. You'd think the kid has grown a little since his freshmen year at UCLA and gained a little more experience.  And even if Brown's injury lingers Moline or Lombard will have to step up or freshmen Savage or Siewierski may get in some serious playing time. They have the talent to step up and help UCLA win games against Utah, Rice, and lower tier Pac-10 teams in the first few games of the seasons.

Lonnie White has a report on the TEs. It is looking like Paulsen will be the man who will be the leading the talented crew from this bunch.

Another drug scandal at USC? Wizard has a post on how USC football players routinely go under the needle to 'elimininate aches and paines" before every game. Yeah not shady at all.

Lastly, the first blog poll roundtable of the 2006 polling season  is up over at the House that Rock Built.  We will try to get our response up by this weekend. But if you have any thoughts on as to how we should answer any of the questions, by all means fire away in the comment thread.