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Game Day

So the boys over at Rakes of Mellow are justifiably excited about their upcoming football season. ND despite huge question marks on their defense is ranked in the top-5 and their QB is the coverboy of virtually all the top college football magazines. They were excited enough to post this video previewing World Wide Leader's (WWL) College Game Day crew on Saturdays:

Gotta say even though (thanks to the mediocre efforts of Dorrell) our football team is not in the national spotlight, that video still fired me up.

As of right now probably no one in the country expects GameDay to get involved in any of the UCLA games this season. But there is a chance. If UCLA meets the minimum expectations this season, they will have chance to go into Euegene with a 5-0 record, and the prospect of going into South Bend with a 6-0 record. Again as I wrote couple of days ago, why not this year? What exactly does Oregon have that should intimidate the Bruins. We have beaten those guys up in Euegene even during our bad years.

We can certainly (and should) start 5-0 and then give ourselves a chance to go 6-0 going into the ND game. And, that may just bring in the GameDay crew into SouthBend to preview a matchup the Bruins Nation has been waiting for more than a decade. Hell I have been waiting for it since it was first announced while we were in college.

Anyways had to share what I thought was a pretty awesome video. Enjoy it. If you were to put together a highlight video with Bruins what tunes would you chose?

After tomorrow just one more Saturday without UCLA football.