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Round Up ...

Obviously the Trojan steroid scandal is the big news of the day. Kevin Donahue over at Fan Blogs has some interesting questions:

The interesting angle to this steroid saga is that the father of the Ting twins, Dr. Arthur Ting, was subpoenaed and testified before a U.S. grand jury investigating steroid accusations surrounding baseball slugger Barry Bonds. Dr. Ting is Bonds' personal surgeon, specializing in orthopedics.

Dr. Ting was disciplined twice in the last ten years by the California Medical Board for writing prescriptions with inadequate records and allowing others in his office to write prescriptions.

All of this raises two questions:

1) Did one or both of the Tings test positive for steroids supplied by their father?

2) Are there other USC players who may have received steroids from the Tings or their father?
Let's see if the traditional local and national media ask those questions too. Also, SMQ has chimed in with his thoughts on all this. You can bet if this involved UCLA the Southern California papers would be writing about it everyday. Besides this story there are few other tidbits to take note of today.

Couple of weeks ago Menelaus wrote about the ugly side of blogosphere. It is fair this week to point out what's so right with it.

Enter EDSBS (short for Every Day Should be Saturday), the blog run by couple of funny Florida gator/alum fans in jean shorts who are still in love with the Ole Bawl Coach. If haven't done it already make sure you book mark EDSBS. This is one of my daily reads and bloggers like these guys have pretty much done away the need to read up the tired/stale snarky takes on ESPN's Page2. From daily quips to nuances takes on everything related to college football - reading these guys will make you a better college football fan. They are simply one of the best (and they don't hide in the closet about their team loyalties while opining on national issues related to college football).

Anyways, it's just not us digging their daily posts. They have gotten so popular that they need to do much needed server upgrade. And just like us they are doing this for sheer passion for college football not as a profession. So if you guys can go over there and give them a little bit of your beer money - $5, $10 whatever - it will go a long a way in furthering the ever growing expansion of the wonderful world of college blogosphere. Those guys are simply one of the very best.

Speaking of the blogs and new media Burlison just set Dwyre straight for still living in the 20th century:
It's hard to believe that the sports sections of some of the Southern California newspapers paid so little attention to the news last week that Lake Oswego, Ore., senior-to-be Kevin Love had committed to UCLA while in Las Vegas to play for the Southern California All-Stars in the Reebok Big Time Tournament.

Love is the caliber of basketball prospect that helps lead a team to a national championship before becoming a NBA Draft lottery selection.

... And when (O.J.) Mayo commits or signs (with USC) in November, it should get plenty of play in all the sports media outlets in Southern California. It's called "news."
(HT to Martini Republic). Burlison also has this scoop for another possible Howland target for the class of 2007:
The UCLA coaching staff hopes to secure its next commitment out of 6-10 Clint Chapman, who will be a senior at Canby High in Oregon. Chapman was a standout in Las Vegas last week for the Portland Panthers (check the adjacent chart with my choices for the top 25 performers during the three tournaments there).
For more on Chapman check out this video from BRO. looks like a solid get. Someone who will come in with Love, probably red shirt and then be ready to go should Love leave early for the NBA.

Lastly BBR has a post on  NABC naming Coach Wooden to its Hall of Fame Founding Class. Congrats to the Coach. The Greatest Ever.