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USC: All Natural All The Time

Now you wonder why we are always suspicious about whatever PR nonsense come out of USC? The LA Times uncovers one of the real reasons Brandon Ting (one of the Ting brothers) left USC:

Brandon Ting, a USC defensive back who unexpectedly left the program last week, had tested positive for steroids, sources said Tuesday.

On Friday, USC announced that Ting and his twin brother, Ryan, also a defensive back, had decided to stop playing football so they could concentrate on preparing for medical school. The Tings, who are seniors, played mainly as back-ups and on special teams last season.

Brandon Ting could not be reached for comment.

The Wizard is also on the story spotting the obvious (and very disturbing) red flag:

What makes this even more interesting is that Arthur Ting, father of the twins, is a Bay Area orthopedic surgeon who has reportedly appeared as a witness before a grand jury considering possible perjury charges against baseball's Barry Bonds, one of Arthur's clients.

The folks over at LSUoverUSC have their thoughts on this disturbing link to the Barry Bonds scandal


This could have huge implications in the Barry Bonds case, as it shows that the Ting family had access to and used steroids. What the trickle down shall be for baseball remains to be seen. How many other USC players took the drugs and have gone undetected or unpublished remains to be seen.

So this leaves the average college football fan left to wonder just how deep and how wide is the corruption at USC? It has gone beyond the point of a couple of minor incidents, and now certainly shows that there has been zero institutional control in the program for the past four years. Nothing shore of the death penalty is appropriate for this band of u$cheaters.

Scandal after scandal, Baghdad Pete continues to pronounce innocence. Baghdad Pete isn't the only one saying this. One USC alum has also been defending the practices of the program

So now you know just why we have been writing about the lack of institutional control and the total lack of accountability at USC.

One of the many questions specific to the Ting brothers that is out there now: this may be a possible explanation of why Brandon may have left the team but what about Ryan? Why did Ryan leave the team? Is he implicated in this steroids scandal too? Did he leave the team so that he can provide moral support for his twin brother? This story sounds very incomplete and then there is the whole issue about the death threats (yes plural), which they allegedly received from USC fans. More from the Wiz:

The remaining question we have is why Ryan also quit. The loss to USC won't be on the field because the Tings were merely contributors and not frontline players. What hurts, besides the p.r. hit, is that the team GPA is sure to take a tumble.

lol Something is really rotten over at South Central. And this is not the first time when folks have wondered out loud about just how "natural" is Mr. Hancock:

Brandon Hancock, another "Natural" at USC Football Program

The more days go by the more it looks like USC is really nothing except for even corrupt version of Dennis Erickson's Miami from 1990. When it comes to a program being out of control these guys are in a league of their own.