Arizona State Debacle

From the 'keeping your friends close and your enemies closer' department, there's been quite a lot of noise coming out of Tempe this weekend.  On Friday, Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter named senior Sam Keller the starting quarterback.  Then, uh, some things changed.  Following a bit of soul searching on Saturday, Koetter changed his mind and named sophmore Rudy Carpenter the starter.

From ESPN:

"It's simple. I made a mistake on the quarterback situation and I'm changing my mind," Koetter said after Sunday's workout. "We're going to start Rudy Carpenter. I've excused Sam Keller from practice to consider his options."

Koetter said he couldn't sleep on Friday after naming Keller the starter. He said he then sought out advice from his athletic director, coaching staff, senior players and "unity group" on Saturday.

Obviously, this throws a whole load of monkey wrenches into Arizona State's offseason planning.  I don't think Koetter could have handled this situation any more poorly.  It'll be interesting to see how ASU performs this year, especially given the fact that many pundits were naming ASU as the darkhorse in the Pac-10.

That said, this provides an excellent opportunity for UCLA to capitalize should ASU stumble out of the gate.  Our showdown with ASU isn't until two weeks before the USC game, but should ASU struggle this year, that stretch in November wouldn't be nearly as daunting as it looks right now.

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