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UPDATED:Thanks to Drumfool. It's official. Southpaw Jesus is your next starting UCLA QB. Congrats to Big Ben. GO BRUINS. - N

Yet another article on the South Paw Jesus possibly nailing down the starting QB spot this past weekend.

For those of you tuning in today, Big Ben outperformed Pat Cowan during the scrimmage. Here he is off a (much hyped) shot gun formation on Saturday:

Photo courtesy from Adak Bruin (click here for more of his great scrimmage pics)

When should KD make this official: today, tomorrow or does it matter whether or not Olson is named the stater this week?

I think sooner he does it the better so that Big Ben can get all the time he needs to get used the OL and prep. for our first opponent in just about 12 days.


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