Keller A Cornhusker

I think it's a done deal. Here's the article from ESPN:

Former Arizona State quarterback Sam Keller has enrolled at the University of Nebraska, a spokeswoman in the registrar and records office at the school told ESPN's Joe Schad on Wednesday morning.

Keller is expected to redshirt at Nebraska this season and be eligible to play his final season next year, likely succeeding Zac Taylor as starting quarterback.

A member of Keller's family said on Wednesday that the quarterback is in Lincoln, visiting with the Nebraska coaching staff. Another member of Keller's family said the reason nobody could officially confirm his transfer to Nebraska until Wednesday was that they wanted Arizona State to provide a housing refund for the player first, which they did.

Keller's family member also said that, in the end, Oklahoma stepped up its interest in signing Keller more than any other school and that the quarterback would consider that as an alternative if something unexpected failed to go through at Nebraska.

Seen outside Memorial Stadium on Wednesday afternoon with Cornhusker officials, Keller was asked by a reporter if he was transferring the Nebraska.

Keller responded by nodding and saying, "Yeah," before he was escorted away, the Lincoln Journal Star reported Wednesday

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