KD: "This is my best team"

Bumped. Looks like KD is ready to meet the minimum expectations. GO BRUINS. - N

KD giving us more reasons to expect us to win 9 games and beat SC. From San Diego Union-Tribune today:

"I like this team," says Dorrell, entering his fourth season. "This is my best team in terms of having a little more grit. We're mentally and physically tougher. The inexperience factor is a big issue, but it's probably the most spread out in terms of talent. We're deeper in some areas than we have been.

"I'm not coaching this team anything like I did last year. It's a different chemistry. This team will be more balanced on both sides of the ball. We're trying to build an attitude, how to play defense at UCLA. It's about execution and being hard on each other, expecting supreme performance."

Gone are Olson, tailback Maurice Drew and tight end Marcedes Lewis, terrific players. The big question now is at quarterback, where former prep hotshot Ben Olson probably will win the job by default. Back from a Mormon mission, he's a 23-year-old redshirt sophomore who hasn't competed in a meaningful game since high school in 2001.

But one senses Dorrell believes he has it going. And he's in the right place.

"I wake up every morning and can't believe I'm the head coach here," Dorrell says. "Hopefully, we've wiped away issues that have been plaguing us."

(highlight mine) I can't wait till Utah! No excuses.

Go Bruins!!!!

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