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TGIF Roundup

A little bit of everything in today's roundup. Let's get right to it:

Jill Painter of the Daily News writes about the comeback of DL Nikola Dragovic, who was quite a force in the first few games before he got injured. Dragovic's return is going to boost a deep DL, who should be able to reverse last year's disgraceful, and embarrassing performances by this specific unit.

LA Times's Lonnie White writes about how Dorrell is working hard to open recruiting pipelines to some of inner city schools in Los Angeles. So far Bruins have been successful bringing in some athletes from Crenshaw High School. It's nice and all. But all this will be for not if we continue to get pounded in the last game of the regular season. If things change this season, then you can bet these efforts will produce more meaningful results.

Press Enterprise's Kevin Pearson profiles freshmen WR Terrance Austin and how he got to play a part in ESPN U's Real World show aka "Summer House." Lot of folks are predicting Austin may burst through this year with his game breaking speed. He had a great camp.

Couple of days ago I offered up some thoughts on East Coast Bias from the perspective of us West Coasters (even though I am in DC lol). Kyle over at Dawg Sports has offered up a response. It?s a must read. I have read it once. But will probably take it in few more times. This is conversation that will go on a for a while. And as Kyle sent me in an email, I think two of us are converging on a ?teachable moment? for fans from both sides. This why interactions within the blogosphere can be such a wonderful thing. And we are just getting started.

I know some of you have been following the Sam Keller debacle over at ASU. Our friends over M Zone have put together a nifty coaching aid for ASU's Dirk Koetter. Check it out.

Brian Dohn is off from covering UCLA for few days. For good reason. He is running in his marathon this coming in Tuesday in Quebec City, Montreal. I'd urge to go to his Inside UCLA blog and wish him luck.

Lastly, going back to Dohn's newspaper report linked above - thought this note on season ticket sales was pretty interesting:

UCLA has sold approximately 38,000 season tickets so far, compared to 32,000 last season. The Bruins finished 10-2 last year. UCLA plays Utah, Rice, Stanford, Arizona, Washington State, Oregon State and USC at the Rose Bowl.
Oh ... so does that mean everyone must be buying the Dorrell Kool Aid? Actually not really. Apparently people are buying up the packages so that they could have a chance to buy tickets for the USC game, which is at the Rose Bowl this season. If you want to have a shot to buy a ticket for the SC game seating in the UCLA section, gotta buy the season package. So people are buying up tickets not because they think UCLA is making progress under Dorrell (fresh off his "10 win" season). They are buying up tickets to see if Dorrell can meet the minimum expectations for this season.

We are going to start finding out in just about 8 days.