It's prediction time!

From the diaries. Everyone knows what we want this season. If you haven't chime in already in the comment thread tell us whether we are going to get our 9 wins and victory over SC. Tell us how UCLA will do this upcoming season. GO BRUINS. -N

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you princes and princesses of Bruins Nation, the season is finally upon us.  We've monitored the recruiting season, we've overanalyzed the heck out of spring practice, and watched with baited breath as the position battles have played themselves out.

It's football season, and, for many of us, this season will be a defining moment in Bruins football.  Moreover, it may be the defining season for one Karl Dorrell, head football coach at the best university in the land.  

Without further ado, it's prediction time. The UCLA football record will be...?

09/02 Utah 4:00 pm
09/09 Rice 7:00 pm
09/23 @ Washington TBA
09/30 Stanford TBA
10/07 Arizona TBA
10/14 @ Oregon TBA
10/21 @ ND 11:30 am
10/28 Wash. State 4:00 pm
11/04 @ Cal 5:00 pm
11/11 Oregon State TBA
11/18 @ ASU 7:15 pm
12/02 USC 1:30 pm

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