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Saturday Roundup

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A little bit of everything for you on this Hall of Fame Saturday. LA Times has a profile on Aikman who is getting immortalized at Canton today. Aikman still has one regret:

Aikman, who retired in 2000 and has become a top television analyst at Fox, said he has few regrets when it comes to his football career.

"The only athletic regret I can think of is that at UCLA I failed to get our team to the Rose Bowl," he said. "And that's the only thing I look back on and think, 'Wow, I wish I would have been able to do that.' "
The coach who failed to take advantage of Aikman's talent and bring home a NC (or even a Rose Bowl win) Typhoid Terry Donahue is close to signing a new job as a commentator for Fox Sports. Yeah that will liven up their broadcast. Sure.

Anyways, as BruinZete already noted USAToday/Coach's poll was released yesterday. No one seem to have been impressed with  the job Dorrell so far has done in Westwood. Not only we are not in the top-25, as this chart from BGS shows, UCLA was one of three biggest losers following up from the season ending poll from last year. Nice job of bringing respectability back to Westwood Coach Karl.

In any event, I still believe we should be ranked in the top-20, considering we still are the 3rd most talented team in the Pac-10 behind USC and Cal. I guess when you get annihilated when your team is under national spotlight (Zona and SC), you don't deserve the respect. And no one seems to have been impressed with that win against Northwestern from Hair Care Product bowl. But we will stay positive. If Dorrell does match the reasonable expectations (9 wins + beat SC) he may finally bring some respect back to Westwood.

Switching gear to hoops former Bruin center Michael Fey (part of Lavin's monster class of 2001) lands a gig - in China that is - from BBR:
Former UCLA Bruin center Michael Fey was selected in the Chinese Basketball Association 's (CBA) international player draft and has signed a contract to play next season.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed; however, international players typically sign 7-8 month contracts worth as much as $25,000 per month.

Fey was one of 48 international players chosen in the draft, and was picked in the second-round of the four-round draft.

CBA teams are allowed to carry two international players per team.
So they give us Yao Ming, and we give the Michael Fey (insert cheap joke on US international trade deficit here). Anyways, we wish Michael luck.

From the department of absurd. We present you the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority from Vanderbilt University. The M Zone has the low down:
Yesterday, we got an email from Emily Marietta who, according to the sorority website, is the President of the Kappa Alpha Theta house at Vanderbilt. Ms. Marietta requested that we remove the picture stating that we had "NO authorization from any of the women in the photo or the organization they represent to post the photograph."

After giving it some thought, even though there was no copyright on the photo (nor could we track one down), we decided to remove the picture. We never aim to upset anybody here (only make fun of the occasional Buckeye now and then).

However, we find it kind of amusing, that in the Internet age, Ms. Marietta is trying to put the proverbial genie (as well as about 50 pairs of breasts) back in the bottle (or bra) so to speak. I mean, a quick Google search revealed the Theta picture her ...and here to post just two of many. Is she going to email each and every site out there? And what about all the pictures zipping between email in-boxes? I don't think she'll be too successful. Just ask Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton.

Funny thing is, I thought the picture wasn't that big a deal. I mean, the whole damn house posed. And they didn't look too shy about it. Hell, Lil Kim wears less on TV! But the tone of the email had a bit of that "morning after a hook up" quality to it. Like, "What did I do last night?"

I dunno, maybe now that the buzzes of Bid Day 2006 have worn off, some of the girls are having second thoughts. I mean this is a sorority whose famous alums include First Lady Barbara Bush, Dick Cheney's wife, Lynne, and Christian singer Amy Grant. I'm guessing their Bid Day pix look a hell of a lot different than the Vandy 2006 version. But this is something to be considered before shooting the Girls Gone Wild version. Especially nowadays. When a digital camera and an email account make everything pretty much public record.
And Vanderbilt is supposed to be the smartest school in the SEC. Makes you wonder ... Doesn't it?