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Sunday Roundup

Pro Football Hall of Fame immortalized a UCLA quarterback yesterday:

Aikman After Winning the 1989 Cotton Bowl - Dallas Morning News

And No. 8 made sure to highlight his time in Westwood while enshrined as one of the greatest to ever play this game:

Although my time at Oklahoma was brief, it was there that I first learned how difficult playing the quarterback position could be. It was through those disappointments, however, that led to me transfer into UCLA. That decision would turn around my career.

I owe so much of my success to UCLA and to my head coach there at the time, Terry Donahue. Coach Donahue represented UCLA with class and integrity and was a great example for the young men that he coached. His impact on me was significant. He would often tell me and the team: Things are never as good as you think they are or ever as bad as you think they are. Sound advice that I would have to remind myself of often during my early years in Dallas.

Coach Donahue, thank you for providing me an opportunity at UCLA and having such a positive influence on my life.
Aikman also made sure to thank former UCLA coach Steve Axman and former UCLA coach/Rose Bowl winning QB - Rick Neuheisel.

While Aikman's place in the pantheon football legends is secure, another Bruin QB is now attempting to follow his footsteps. Yes,training camp opens up tomorrow and Dohn kick's off coverage with a report on how Southpaw Jesus is ready for his new mission:
[T]he discipline and maturity developed during a two-year Mormon mission is what the highly talented Olson, a 23-year-old redshirt sophomore, said will help him overcome the rustiness of not playing a meaningful down in more than four years, digest a complex offensive scheme, and lead UCLA this season as its starting quarterback.

"Having done the things I've done to get to this point in my life, I believe will do nothing but help me," Olson said. "People thought I was kind of crazy, leaving for two years to go on a mission because it will harm my career.

"You know what? I believe the things I learned will make me a better football player. Physically, mentally, I believe I'm better now than I've ever been. It has been hard to get there. I worked really hard, but it's worth it."

Bruins coach Karl Dorrell insists redshirt sophomore Patrick Cowan can win the job, even if very few take him seriously.

In fact, it is so widely presumed Olson - the most sought after recruit as a high school senior in 2001 and again when he returned from his mission and announced he was seeking a transfer from BYU - will be the Bruins' starter, Dorrell was not once asked about a possible quarterback controversy during last week's Pacific-10 Conference media day.

So as UCLA opens camp Monday, all eyes will be on the 6-foot-5, 230-pound red-haired Olson, a lefty with a rocket arm, a confident swagger and a maturity beyond nearly every teammate.

"You can tell in his leadership, his savvy, the way he carries himself," Bruins fifth-year senior receiver Junior Taylor said. "He's really mature. He's just as old as I am. He's done a great job of getting the guys to follow.

"Most (sophomore) quarterbacks aren't doing what he's doing already. He has the offense. He's teaching it, learning it."
Like I have said before. I don't believe UCLA has had a talent lile Olson playing QB since No. 18 took charge in Westwood. If we got to the Rose Bowl with a QB like Wayne Cook, who had 13 attempted passes coming into 1994, KD should be able to meet the reasonable expectations for this season with BO behind center and a talent like Cowan backing him up.

Meanwhile, nothing from the LA Times 24 hours before UCLA's training camp opens up. However, someone must have passed Plaschke some smelling salt as he finally wakes up from a comma and discovers how Pom Pom's program at USC may be (per Plaschke) going out of control (emphasis mine):
Since January, USC's head has been pounding.

One Heisman Trophy winner's parents apparently violate NCAA rules.

Another Heisman Trophy winner's father definitely violates NCAA rules.

The heir to the quarterback throne is exonerated of sexual assault suspicions that arise after a night of alleged fake ID use and underage drinking.

A former defensive lineman is charged with two misdemeanor counts of spousal battery and two counts of vandalism for an alleged incident that allegedly occurred while he was a Trojan.

A defensive back tests positive for steroids, immediately quitting the team and taking his twin brother with him.

Taken separately, none of these incidents are any different than the sort of stuff that happens with every football team.

Lumped together, they are the beginnings of a trend.
Yeah Plaschke is on the ball. Isn't he? He just discovered the trend of lawlessness at USC. Better late than never I guess.

Of course Plaschke then goes on to cut and paste the Heritage Hall spin about Pom Pom is "working it and working it" to bring "integrity" to USC football, which reads like an SCLM report on how "leaders" are "working it" to bring everything under control in Iraq.

In other words in the world according to Pete Carroll staying the course at USC will work out just fine.