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BN's Ballot for Blogpoll (Draft)

Last week one of the first big national polls (USA Today/Coaches) poll came out. Many pres-season magazines and publications have been doing their own rankins for last few weeks. It's now our turn. Once again Bruins Nation will be partaking in the blogpoll, and we will do our best to make our vote as much of reflection of this community as possible.

I have already put up a poll asking folks where should UCLA be ranked. Here is a draft of what a possible Bruins Nation ballot in the blogpoll will looks like right now:

Rank Team
1 Ohio State
2 Texas
3 West Virginia
4 Florida
6 Auburn
7 Notre Dame
8 California
10 Georgia
11 Miami (FL)
12 Louisville
13 Florida State
14 Iowa
15 Oregon
16 Texas Tech
17 Michigan
18 Tennessee
19 Michigan State
21 Alabama
22 Virginia Tech
23 Arizona State
24 Oklahoma
25 Boston College

I bumped the Sooners all the way down to 24 because I just think they are going to have a tough time with Paul Thompson calling the shots.

I think Cal deserves to be a top-10 team. I also think ASU should perhaps be in the top-25.

Does TCU deserve to be in the top-25? Also missing from this list are Nebraska and Penn State. I just don't care much about Bill Callahan's program and don't want to buy into all the rejuvenation hype around Joe Pa. I think PSU will struggle this year with a new Quarterback.

I think Tennessee may be being overlooked this season, as they may be making a comeback into the national scene with their QB situation somewhat settled with Ainge as the no. 1 QB.

In any event all this is just for discussion. Frankly I wish rankings did not come out after the end of 4th Saturday when a picture starts emerging about the new season.

And I fully expect these guys to be in the top-25 with a 4-0 record at that point of the season:

Anyways discussing this preseason polls are part of the fun. So let's open this topic up for discussion.

Who did I rank too high? Who is too low? Why? Fire away. I am hoping we can have a revised/final ballot up by the end of the week.