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Summer Hoops Update

Over here on BN we give our campus school newspaper well deserved grief for their coverage on UCLA athletics. So it is only fair to give them props when they are doing something cool. The Daily Bruin's sports reporters have put up a pretty cool clip on the Bruins hooping it up in the summer league includin an interview with Luuuuuuuc. This is pretty savvy on the part of the Daily Bruin. Great way to attract more readers towards their online coverage of UCLA sports. Anyways check it out:

BBR also has an update on the latest action from Bruins playing in the summer leagues:

UCLA's Michael Roll scored 20 points to help lead his Hank's Franchise Boys to a 113-86 runaway victory over the Warriors to advance to the finals of the Nike ProCity Say No League.

Roll hit 7 of 12 from the field including 3 of 3 from beyond the three-point arc.

In addition to shooting well from the perimeter, Roll continued to work on attacking the basket from the wing. Although he still needs to improve his ballhandling, with his added bulk from workouts this summer, he is finishing much stronger at the rim than last season.

With Lorenzo Mata anchoring the defense, Hank's Franchise Boys controlled the interior play throughout the game. Mata had two blocks, changed a number of shots, and took two charges which sent him spiraling onto the floor.

Just another night on the job in the blue-collar world of Lorenzo Mata.

Mata also scored 12 points on 5 of 7 shooting and grabbed 8 rebounds during the contest.
Also from BBR on others Bruins in action this summer loved reading this update on Keefe:
At this point of his young career, Keefe appears more comfortable facing the basket and shooting from midrange. His decision-making skills coupled with solid understanding of the game may make Keefe an ideal high-post option for the Bruin offense next season.
Make sure to read the entire post.