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Hope Springs Eternal

1973. UCLA finished the season 9-2 with a loss to USC. However, among those 9 wins was a 66-16 beatdown of the Utah Utes.

This time of the season has been rough for the past few years. Doubts linger as to whether Karl Dorrell is the man to take the UCLA football program to that next level, cultivate all of that potential that we all know this program posesses, and exploit all of the natural advantages of one of the top public Univeristies in the world. It's no secret where the creators of this blog stand with respect to Karl Dorrell. However, I think I speak for my fellow bloggers here in the Nation when I say that I sincerely hope that we are wrong about Karl Dorrell. We saw flashes last season with the Oklahoma and Cal victories, only to have all hope dashed by a couple of terrible losses. Nevertheless, I for one am going to try to remain positive. After all, there's alot to be excited about now:

Ben Olson is looking more and more like the next great UCLA QB.

One of the premier WR recruits in the country is suiting up in the Blue and Gold.

We have a revamped D with some size up front and an NFL-schooled DC.

Coach Dorrell himself thinks that this is his best team yet, and that he can duplicate last season's success this year.

The Bruins are undefeated right now, and from everything we have been reading in the papers and on the various UCLA message boards, there is no reason why we should have to wait for next season to make a serious run this season. (As I write this, ASU is struggling against NAU.)

It all starts this Saturday. I want to see this team come out aggressively, blitzing the QB on D, stretching the field on O, and playing with some fire.

We are not unreasonable in our expectations for this team. Win 9. Beat SuC. No bad losses. reputable bowl game.

We'll do our part by turning the Rose Bowl into a an angry sea of blue.

Go Bruins.