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Bruins Nation Blogpoll Draft (Week 3)

As HomeBruin pointed out week 3 polls are out. Perhaps the Bruins could have snuck into those polls had Dorrell and co. put together a blowout performance on Saturday. But oh well.

Here we go with the draft of our week 3 blogpoll ballot.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 1
3 West Virginia 1
4 Auburn 1
5 Louisiana State 1
6 Texas 4
7 Georgia 1
8 Florida 2
9 Notre Dame 2
10 Oregon 2
11 Iowa 4
12 Michigan 1
13 Florida State 4
14 Miami (Florida) 1
15 Louisville 2
16 Virginia Tech 3
17 Tennessee 3
18 Cal 5
19 UCLA 3
20 Oklahoma 4
21 Boston College 5
22 Alabama 2
23 Wisconsin 2
24 Nebraska 2
25 Arizona State 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#18), Penn State (#21), Texas Tech (#22).

For your reference here is the discussison on last week's ballot. With that handy here are some of my reactions to last weekend's actions which led to this ballot:
  • Ohio State? What can you say? A spectacular performance against an awesome Longhorns defense and just as I predicted there was couch burning in Columbus.

  • Not a lot of folks are talking up Georgia. The Bulldogs with their stellar defense pull of a nice win at USC (The Visor coach would look lot happier at the Rose Bowl home team sidelines. Don?t you think?). First time in 25 years Georgia shut out USC in Columbia. Pretty impressive.

  • Everyone will talk up ND. I saw the game. Honestly PSU?s offense looked pathetic. Their plays were so slow developing that it was ridiculous. It will be interesting how PSU does rest of the season. Right now I am not sure if they will repeat the great season from last year. I just don?t see how they will be able to compete for a major bowl spot out of the Big-10 with their high school offense.

  • I dropped Iowa four spots. But look for them to rebound. They did play without Drew Tate at the Carrier Dome. A tough place to play where former Bruin coach/Texas DC Greg Robinson (the other finalist for the UCLA HCing gig besides Mike Riley) is trying his best to build a program.

  • Washington hung tough against the Sooners for a half. Sooners are missing their starting QB. But they still have boatload of talent on both sides of the field. So the Huskies fast start against the Huskies at Norman must be encouraging for them. In terms of talent UCLA is still far ahead of the Huskies. We should expect a win when we go up there in two weeks. But given how we looked against Rice, the game in two weeks a little more formidable. We will find out more about the Huskies when they take on Fresno State this weekend.

  • Speaking of Fresno State, very entertaining game against the Ducks this weekend. Oregon is looking pretty good to me right now. A gutsy win over a Fresno State team in Fresno.

  • Probably the most entertaining game of the weekend was Clemson at Boston College. Great win for the Eagles against the always hyped Tigers. BC pulled of the incredible win because of the play of their special teams. Good play from special teams? Must be nice. BTW Clemson back C J Spiller looked pretty good in that TD run for the second quarter. It will be interesting to see of the Tigers collapse after this heart breaking loss.

  • Nebraska offense with another great weekend. We will see if they are for real this upcoming weekend.
Games I watched: Rice at UCLA; Oregon at Fresno State, PSU at ND, OSU at Texas, Clemson at Boston College.

Games I peaked into: Virginia Tech at UNC, Minnesota at Cal, Georgia at USC, Arizona at LSU.

Any thoughts. As always please let me know who should not be in this list and who should be in (backed up with a solid case of course). Bruins should break into this list in two weeks if they can pull of the expected win against the Huskies.