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Maxwell Pundit (aka the Blog Heisman), Week 2

So lets continue with what we started up last week, which is figuring out and voting on basically the 5 MVP performances from the college football week, leading up to anointment of Maxwell Pundit at the end of the season. Last week we had Ben Olson heading the list of five best MVP performances of the college football week. Here are the 5 choices, mentions for this week:

1. Brady Quinn, QB (ND) - I believe most of you saw the game. As much as you (and millions of others) hate the Irish, you will have to live with the fact BQ is firmly back in the Heisman race (he was not really out of it after the Tech. game). Anyways, Quinn completed 25 of 36 passes for 287 yards and 3 TDs, in a thorough dismantling of a pretty good PSU defense. I was dreaming about Montana on Friday. Too bad it was BQ, not BO putting forth a No.16esque (No. 3 for you Irish lovers) performance. Hey BO will have his day again soon.

2. Troy Smith, QB (OSU) - Uhm, do I really need to make an argument for including Troy Smith in this list?

3. Eric Ainge, QB, (Tenn.) - The TN QB gets to stays in the list. The Volunteer had another outstanding day in a nail biting win over Air Force (and they are not Rice). Ainge had himself another great day completing 24 of 29 passes for 333 yards, and 3 TD.

4. Adrian Peterson, RB (OU) - Strong day for the Sooners RB in a hard fought game against the Huskies. Peterson carried the ball 32 times for 165 yards for work horse like performance for the Crimson and Cream Machine. Right now this Sooners team remind me of UCLA team of 2001, which had a lot of talent on both sides of the field, and was led by a superstar RB. Bruins had everything going for them except for a quality QB (sorry I never considered Paus to be a quality QB).

AP Carrying the Boomers Sooners, (AP Photo/Ty Russell)

Of course we know what happened after that 6-0 start. Sooners will probably have better luck, consider Peterson's car story came out during the off-season, and they are not being coached by Bob Toledo.

5. Dennis Dixon, QB (Oregon) - I like this kid a lot. He doesn't have gaudy stats to back him up. He passed for 240 yards (23 of 36) against Fresno State this past weekend up in the central valley. No TDs, no picks either. But what the stats don't show how DD played the role of a gutsy leader, QB who directed the team to a win over a pretty good team in tough conditions. Bruin defense better be ready for him when we go up there next month. Because even after Oregon TB Jonathan Stewart went down early in the game, DD kept the team steady, and got the Ducks a tough win on the road. Not bad at all.

Players I thought about including in this list:

Anthony Gonzalez, SE, OSU
Robert Meachem, WR, Tenn.
Steve Slaton, RB, WVa
Jeff Smith, RB, Boston College
Mike Hart, RB, Michigan
Chris Markey, RB, UCLA

So there you have it. Let me know if there is someone I totally left out who we should all know and rave about.

The good guys over Rakes of Mallow will put up this week's final vote tally from the blogosphere later this week.