Southern Cal Keeping Its Students Away from the Coliseum

Gotta love that Southern Cal student spirit. The authorities over at Southern Cal are trying to keep their own students away from their football games:

Eager Penn State students pitched more than 100 tents outside Beaver Stadium and slept there for a week before football games last season against Ohio State and Wisconsin.

At Arkansas two weeks ago, students began lining up outside Reynolds Razorback Stadium three days before their team's opener against USC.

Those kinds of fanatic early-bird arrivals are unheard of at the Coliseum for USC home games. But a new limit on student seats this season might spur change, and possibly some game-day anger, beginning on Saturday when the fourth-ranked Trojans play 19th-ranked Nebraska.

USC, which established attendance records in each of the last three seasons, has reduced student seating from about 12,000 a game to 8,000. School officials said the change was made after determining that an average of about 6,500 students attended home games last season.

"We have data to show this should be plenty," said Steve Lopes, a senior associate athletic director.

Some USC students are not so sure.

"I think it's a money grab," said Philip DeCastro, a senior who has attended games since his freshman year.

Money grab over at Southern Cal?! We are shocked. Those poor poor students at Southern Cal. Probably a good thing they are being kept away from their football team.

After all we all know what thugs like Ray Maualuga can do to Southern Cal students on campus. Probably a safety issue. Keep students away from Pom Pom's thugs.

Fight on Southern Cal.

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