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Southern Cal Paying Its "Student" Athletes?

Rumors are spreading in Wild West Football Board, a message board geared for fans of Southern Cal football program. Check out this post from Java, who runs that site, with some information on the free renter Dwayne Jarrett and OJ Mayo (emphasis mine):

What else. Oh, USC and DJ are fortunate to get the slap on the wrist with the rent thing. That was the least of the infractions and the least damaging. Anyone who thinks the NCAA just goes after USC is fooling themselves. There were guys on this team who could EASILY have been busted for taking cash and also steroids.

That said, it's not just USC. De Angelo what's his name, Evans? Kid from Memphis? Dude lived last year as an NFL player. Had more ice and rocks on him when "interviewing" agents and money managers than most NFL players.

THe worst though is college basketball. USC was not able to meet OJ Mayo's 6 figure demands and last I checked he had picked up out of LA and was headed back to West Virginia or something. [...]
What insinuation that Southern Cal may be paying for its players and high profile recruits? SHOCKING I know. As they say ... DEVELOPING.