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Bye Week Blues

I assume I'm not the only one driving myself absolutely nuts going into the bye week.  

While I still have high hopes, I have so many questions about this UCLA football team, and the Washington trip seems like an ideal place to find a few answers.  Can BO and the offense generate a balanced attack against the more conventional defenses of the Pac-10?  Will DeWayne Walker's defense be able to stop a legitimate running game?  Will our special teams start acting a little less, er, special?

It's one thing to have the week off a little later into the season.  By then, the players aren't so fresh, and there's more walking wounded who could use the time to mend.  It's quite another after a disappointing win over an overmatched Rice team.  As much as I appreciate the time to iron out the (too numerous) kinks, it sorta feels like the first TV timeout in hoops -- what's the hold up?

So, instead of spending the weekend feeling like the only kid without a prom date, I thought I'd rant for a little while.  I welcome any suggestions of ways to cope.  Sure, the Michigan/ND game should be interesting. And, spending some time rooting for the Huskers will be fun.  But, it's just not the same.  Other ideas considered and rejected:

  • Watch my Angels?  Oh yeah, they're pretty much done.  Shocking that they somehow couldn't manage to overcome the fact that they've been at least a bat short for 2 years.
  • Watch the Dodgers?  Due respect to the Blue Crew and it's fans (including N), but the thought of watching Grady Little find a way to lose a narrow lead to San Di-f'n-ego is only slightly better than imagining being impaled by a rusty spoon.  No thanks.
  • Watch the NFL?  I've been a man without a country ever since the Rams left LA.  I kinda got into following KC, mostly because my wife likes Trent Green, but now that Geathers almost killed the guy, that's not a great option.  And the NFL is such a poor substitute for college ball anyway.

Aw well, there's always next week.