Dan Shanoff: Don't Let Pom Pom Off the Hook

Dan Shanoff who used to write for ESPN has his own blog. And he calls it like it is on the blockbuster Bush story. He writes Pom Pom should not be able to get away with cheating at Southern Cal (bold his):


Yahoo has a report that the RBs coach knew about the Bush situation and didn't do anything about it. That guy better polish up his resume. Maybe Reggie can get him a job cleaning toilets for the Saints.

But I think it would be a mistake to let Pete Carroll off the hook, simply because he claims not to have known anything.

As the head of the program - its CEO, effectively - he is responsible for what happens. To think that he didn't keep tabs on his best player either shows remarkable willful negligence -- or remarkable willful stupidity. With either excuse, do you really want that guy coaching your team?

I'm sure USC will slap him on the wrist, but let's please not accept his "I didn't know nuthin'" plausible deniability. It was his JOB to keep his players - and program - clean.

And Shanoff is also calling for punishing the corrupt Southern California football program: WHAT HAPPENS TO THE USC PROGRAM?

I like Dan Wetzel's first-to-market argument that the NCAA take away USC's 2004 national title.

The most fascinating upshot? That makes Auburn your 2004 national champ. (Remember: Auburn was unbeaten and controversially left out of the BCS title game. They ended the season No. 2 in the final BCS rankings. If I was Auburn, I would start this p.r. campaign RIGHT NOW.)

It's too bad that the rest of the team would have to pay for Bush's mistakes; that's perpetually the biggest injustice of NCAA sanctions.

(And speaking of sanctions, the NCAA has got to punish the program going forward, beyond retroactively stripping them of their national title. I'd take away two years of bowl eligibility. If I was the Pac-10, I'd throw in a year of not being allowed on TV. That's the 21st century equivalent of the old 1980s "death penalty." No TV? Nooo!!!)

I don't think its conceivable that Southern Cal should get the deathy penalty. But they should be punished. And they should be punished severely.

If all this turns out to be true then NCAA should make Southern Cal forfeit every single game this cheater played in, which will include the three games against UCLA.

We went on our 8 game streak fair and quare. Looks like sleazy, scumbag Peter Carroll had to cheat to get Southern Cal's streak against UCLA. What a bunch of corrupt, dirtbags at South Central.

To all the Trojans lurking on our Bruin blog (just like you freaks loiter around Westwood because there is no where to hangout in your little dump at South Central) cheat on losers.

F*ck your cheating thuggish football program and f*ck your piece of sh!t school.

Go Bruins.

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