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Maxwell Pundit (aka the Blog Heisman), Week 3

Continuing with our weekly voting on Maxwell Pundit. Here are my 5 choices for the MVP from week 3:

Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan: Both Wolverines lines deserve credit for the stunning performance last Saturday. But while Michigan was blasting, and pounding the Irish in the trenches, it was MM's ridiculous 3 TD in second quarter, which pretty much sealed the game. Manningham exposed how ND is susceptible to speed. I am not sure we have that in our WR corps (Brezell, Austin?). But if we can feature that kind of speed in our receiving crew, we may have a chance when we visit the Irish in October.

Troy Smith, QB, OSU: Another ho hum typical Heisman candidate like performance from the Buckeye QB. Started a little slow but he got revved up fast, completing 21 of 30 passes for 203 yards (2 TDs). At this snap shot of time it's his Heisman to lose. There may be more deserving candidates than him, but if he keeps up this pace, and leads the Bucks to the promised land, I don't see how anyone will pass over him.

Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia: One guy who could pass Mr. Smith is Mountaineer's Steve Slaton. After missing our Maxwell Pundit tally last week, Slaton is back with a spectacular 195 yards performance (9.29 avg. per carry) against Maryland last Thursday night. His shot to win the Heisman will be on the line on November 2nd, when the Mountaineers go into Louisville for a huge show down in the Big East.

Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Southern Cal: (must resist all the free rent snark) It pains to me include any Trojie this last. But I have to be honest. Jarrett is one of those incredible athletes, who can carry a team. In a team full of (professional) football players, Jarrett right now IMHO is the catalyst. Southern Cal will not go anywhere without the play of Jarrett. And that is probably why all the administrative peons at Heritage Hall probably worked OT to make sure he became eligible before the season. Jarrett had one of the best offensive performances in college football last weekend. He single handedly clowned the Bugeater defense.

Eric Brock, SS, Auburn: My first defensive selection in weekly Maxwell Pundit balloting. Some amazing defensive performances in that Tigers v. Tigers tussle in Alabama last weekend. And the performance of the Junior Alabama SS particularly (5 tackles, 1 pass break up) stood out on Saturday. Here is Brock (#33) breaking up one of the key (disputed) pass plays in the 4th Q preserving Auburn's win:

Brock on the left. AP Photo/Rob Carr

So there you have it. Guys I considered but left of this list:

Chris Leak, QB, Florida
Keith Rivers, LB, Southern Cal
Dennis Dixon, QB, OR
Hunter Cantwell, QB, Louisville
Adrian Peterson, RB, OU

As always please let me know if there is someone else, whose performance we need to note from last Saturday.

Fire away.