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Bruins are ready for this Saturday and they are talking like it. Kevin Brown on how this is a "business":

After finishing 10-2 overall and third in the Pac-10 with a 5-2 record last season, UCLA believes that it is primed to make a run for its first league title since 1998 behind first-year starting quarterback Ben Olson -- the Pac-10 leader in passing efficiency (172.36) -- and a new-attitude defense, which is the Pac-10 leader in fewest yards allowed (235.5) and against the run (82.5).

"We've found out that we may not be the most talented but we're like the best team with a core," Tevaga said. "We're very family-oriented and we look after each other like brothers. I feel real good about us because we know how to play and win together."

After nonconference victories over Utah and Rice, the Bruins -- who have not lost to Washington in six years -- realize that all of their lofty goals for the season would suffer a major blow if they don't play well in Seattle this weekend.

"These games are business for us," junior defensive tackle Kevin Brown said. "You have to win these games. The pressure is on, no matter who you are playing."

Added Olson: "You never really know because the season is still very young and we've played only two games. The thing is, we don't know how good Utah is or how good Rice is really. There's still a lot of unknown.

"But we know as a team that we have to get better. Nobody is satisfied with where we are at. We were all frustrated with our game against Rice."
I love Tevaga's feel good attitude, but none of that is going to matter much, if the Bruins don't pull out a win this Saturday. At least the Bruins will not be lacking in confidence. Here is Ben Olson in the Daily News:
"I learned things aren't always going to go great. Things aren't always going to go really well," Olson said. "But towards the end, I tried to keep a positive attitude and got that touchdown at the end.

"You can't get rattled when things aren't going well. I didn't lose my confidence at all when things weren't going well. I was just more frustrated more than anything."
So Ben, despite a subpar performance against Rice, is not worried much going into Saturday's game. More from the Bruin QB:
As for the Rice learning experience, Olson said, "I've got to hold onto the ball when I get hit. I learned a lot. I have to take care of the football better. I take responsibility for that.

It was a frustrating game. It's over. I'm not dwelling on it and I'm never going to watch that film again."
I like Ben's attitude a lot, who is never making any excuses. What I don't like is when a coach like Svoboda is still blaming his young QB after playing pathetic opponents like Rice (who got mauled by the Longhorns). From the same DN article:
Rice's pressure, brought on by a blitzing philosophy out of an unorthodox 3-3-5 defensive alignment, pitted Olson against unfamiliar schemes.

"There were times in both games where he had opportunities ... to check (into another play), or where he made the wrong check," Bruins offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda said. "What happened in the Rice game, because of what they do, you had to modify your protections. As a quarterback, sometimes you get engrained to where, OK, when I hear this protection, it means this to me.'

"Because of the structure of their defense, it's OK, now it doesn't mean the exact same thing. Now it means, OK, I may have to sight adjust if they run this blitz.' To try and get ready for that in a week, with a new guy, is tough."
Well no matter how "tough" it is getting a blue chip QB like Ben Olson getting ready and prepared, Svoboda shouldn't be complaining. That's his job. It's his "business." Coaches Dorrell, Svoboda, and Colletto (OL coach) should be getting this offensive unit ready for each game no matter who the opponent is.  And it looks like I am not only one with some concerns about the UCLA coaching staff in charge of offense. Here is Dohn on his UCLA blog:
I like this staff. I think it is the best coach Karl Dorrell has put together, without question. I'm impressed with the attention to detail of the coaches, and especially like the discipline and no-excuse attitude of defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker. When it comes to adjustments, I think the defense has done a very good job. After all, the defense has played well in two games.

Offensively, I think it's too early to tell. One thing I do like, though, is offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda taking the blame for not scoring more points against Rice because of play-calling. There is also something I wrote about after the Rice game that is a concern, and that is how Utah confused the offensive line with its twisting, and how Rice confused the offensive line with its blitzing. That doesn't sit well with me.
What's interesting is that I didn't hear Coach Mack Brown's OC complaining after the Rice game how "tough" it was to get their first year QBs - McCoy and Snead - getting ready for their games.  Svoboda, Colletto along with Dorrell are getting paid to make sure UCLA offense gets off to a good start every start. They should be talking about Washington, instead of wondering loud about how tough it was getting Olson ready for Rice. This is a business. And, I sure hope they have the team ready for Washington.