Southern Cal Whining About Brent Musberger

So last week it was student ticket fiasco. This week we are hearing a different type shenanigans coming out of Heritage Hall.

Apparently Southern Cal PR department was PO'd at Brent Musberger and the ABC crew for revealing one of Trojan's offensive signals during last Saturday's broadcast. So they fired off an angry complaint to ABC. From the LA Times today:

USC, outraged over play-by-play veteran Brent Musburger's revealing during ABC's telecast of the Nebraska game what the Trojans contend was privileged information, fired off a complaint Monday to ESPN, which now oversees all sports programming on ABC.

With just over 9 1/2 minutes to play in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game and USC leading, 21-10, Musburger began describing on the air how USC quarterback John David Booty lets his receivers know he has spotted a certain kind of coverage.

"John David told us that his signal when he finds one-on-one and they're coming, it's that 'hang loose,' that familiar sign you've seen surfers use," said Musburger, referring to the sign where the thumb and little finger are raised.

That information had been gleaned from Booty on Friday during a standard production meeting. Announcers and producers meet with coaches and star players as part of their game preparation. However, much of what is said in those meetings is considered private, as background only, to help the announcers spot trends and potential plays.

USC sports information director Tim Tessalone, on behalf of the university, sent a formal complaint to ESPN/ABC game producer Bill Bonnell and a copy to the Pacific 10 Conference office in Walnut Creek, Calif.

"We're supposed to be partners in this," Tessalone said, "but this is certainly going to make us think twice about trying to help them have as good a broadcast as possible.

"What he did was unconscionable. In my 28 years, I've never seen such an egregious breach of trust. Brent is not a rookie at this, and he should know better." Timmy complains a little too much.  Instead of firing off complaint letters, Timmy should be sending a bottle of this to Musberger:

He should be thankful that Brent and the rest of Pom Pom lackies in the ABC booth didn't mention the Bush scandal during the three hours of that national broadcast. If Southern Cal keeps whining like this, maybe the next time Brent and Kirk won't be so charitable in keeping their mouths shut about all the (rumored) reports percolating out of that campus. Then again, these bootlickers in the traditional media have no shame. They will do whatever they are told like trained puppies just so they can maintain their access to PR savvy coaches.

After all, it was Musberger who once called Steve Lavin "star of stars" during an ABC broadcast of college hoops, after Stevie Boy had pulled off another one of his (meaningless) upsets at Maples Pavilion.



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