Postgame analysis thread...

First off, I'm sure Nestor, McKloskey, and Ajax will handle the business tomorrow, but I wanted to open up a diary tonight, while the win is fresh in our minds.

The Good:  Southpaw Jesus is the real deal.  Great mobility, confidence in the pocket, and a rocket arm.  A few throws were high, which you expect with an excited starter, but all in all, the guy looks like a first class stud.  I couldn't be more thrilled.

The Bad: The playcalling still bothers me.  The running game suffered because Karl and Svoboda failed to challenge downfield.  The bootlegs are great, the intermediate routes are solid, but the running game can't develop without stretching the safties.  

Defense...B-minus: We continue to fail wrapping up. As with many Bruin teams, it seems like we're on our heels, waiting for offensive players to fall into us, instead of attacking the ball. The defense looked better, but I'm still concerned. Bottom Line...We won.  I'd love to read your thoughts on the game, but all in all, I'd give the Bruins a solid B+.

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