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Southpaw Jesus

Good God.  Southpaw Jesus completes 26 for 34 passes. Throws for 315 yards, completing 76.5 % of his passes. And those numbers would have been better if not for a dropped TD (and actually Taylor dropped another pass in the red zone, which put him in perfect position to catch it and run it into the endzone).

And Lindsey Soto just mentioned Southpaw Jesus (and it was our Home Bruin who came up with the nickname) in the Bruin post game show on FSN West.

Now you know why we have been hyping this guy ever since he stepped on campus.

AP Photo/Danny Moloshok

Home Bruin already has a post-game rapid analysis thread going. Here is the full box score and the AP recap.

Yes I am disappointed with some of the play calling (little bit too much of run, run, pass at one point of the game). But hell this is the first game. We can only improve from hereon out. And what about FREAKING Al Verner. What a first game. Great way to get the season started against a solid football team (really our friends from Block U should not be so despondent because they lost to a good football team led by a super freak er ... Southpaw Jesus.

Oh by the way I did call the Cal loss against Tennessee and the motherf*cking Toejams are struggling a bit. Let's get this party started.

Oh and meessing with sasquatch is probably one of the most hillarious ads. I have seen in a while.

This is your post-game thread.