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Huskies on the Tube (Fresno State Highlights)

I love the Tube.  A Fresno State fan loaded up the highlights from last weekend's Washington game on YT. Check it out.

Some quick impressions right off the bat.

Isaiah Stanback looks FAST.  I mean the dude has wheels.

He also looked pretty steady in pocket in that first completion of the highlight reel. BTW that completion was to no. 3 Marcel Reece, the 6'3 250 lb target Dawg fans are just raving about.

Fresno State running backs (at least in the first drive of this clip) were ramming right through the Husky DL. I'd think Markey, Bell, Moline are better and more athletic than the Fresno State running backs. So I am pretty optimistic about the prospects for the Bruin running game this Saturday.

Special teams played a huge part in the outcome of that game. I think there was at least one blocked kick (PAT in Fresno's last TD) by the Husky special teams and FSU also just missed another FG. Considering what a mess our special teams were against Rice, this worries me. We had that one botched kick against the Owls. Hopefully the coaches and players have it all together by now.

Also, looked like Fresno State had couple of good runbacks on punt returns (well one of the guys got popped). If Everett and Austin have learned all the tricks (from Dorrell's coaching) by now, maybe they will be able to rip off a big return on Saturday.

Finally, the Fresno State defense held the running game in check. The big run from that clip came from IS. Did I mention he looked fast? Geez. Taylor, Carter, and Whittington better be ready on Saturday.

What else did I miss from this? Anything else that really stand out to any of you?