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The Spirit of the Nation

After the post on Sgt. Adam Knox this morning we received the following email from Henry Granados, Class of 1987:

My name is Henry Granados (class of 1987, no I didn't know Coach Dorrell) I am currently serving in the United States Army, stationed here at Fort Irwin (Barstow) California. I have been in the military now for 17 years and I'm a die- hard UCLA Football fan. Being close to home for the last two years I have had the opportunity to see some UCLA Football in the past couple of years. Prior to 2004 it was mostly through the Armed Forces Network (satellite) as I was stationed in Germany for 7 years, Korea for one year, Iraq for one year and Fort Hood Texas for 7 more years. Now that I prepare to redeploy to Iraq for the second time on a mission that will eventually bring all the troops home someday, I am proud of defending this great nation of ours and will comment from time to time on the "BRUIN NATION" while I am in Iraq defending our country. Please keep me in your hopes and prayers as I depart for Iraq in the beginning of the new year... Winning the PAC-TEN Championship and beating $C would make my trip a hell of a lot of more pleasant.

GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Henry you will be in our prayers and thoughts every single day.

And I sure hope someone will forward this to post Karl Dorrell and rest of the coaching staff and players today.


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