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Seattle's Best: U-Dub Dish

So this being Washington week and all, we thought we call up the boys from U Dub Dish to get a little 411 on Willingham's Huskies. U Dub Dish is, of course, the outstanding Washington blog on SBN, which is doing some fine work including having a little fun with the Husky facebook. You ought to book mark these guys and make them a regular stop during your college football/hoops related browsing.

So here is our Q&A with the crew over at UDD. FYI, we also returned the favor by answering some of their questions on U Udub Dish. I will tell you right off the bat that you will not agree with their response to our question concerning NCAA scandals involving Washington and Southern Cal, but that is all right. We will not hold it against them for missing the mark concerning the unprecedented scandals at Southern Cal. Even the good guys can be wrong once in a while. And UDD = good people. So here ya go:

BN: IIRC U Dub Dish has fairly modest expectations for Willingham's crew this season. Have you guys readjusted your expectations, given the 2-1 start and even Willingham talking about Huskies contending for the Rose Bowl?

UDD: The win over Fresno State certainly opened some eyes around Seattle. This is a team that can play with most squads out there and compete week in and week out. Though we just wrote that while 2-1 is a good start, we can't get carried away. UW is off to a better start than many expected, but this team is by no means at a level to beat the USC's and Oregon's of the conference. Our expectations have gotten a bit higher -- we think the Dawgs can win 6 -- but the team's goal of winning the Pac-10 is far-fetched.

BN: Let's say its 3rd and an obvious passing situation for the Huskies? Who does Isaiah look for: Anthony Russo or Sonny Shackelford or Marcel Reece? Who is the money guy among Husky receivers ala Marcedes Lewis for UCLA last year (or Dwayne "free rent" Jarrett for Southern Cal this year)?

UDD: Washington hasn't exactly established the money guy yet. For now, Russo is probably that guy, though we think it should be Reece. Marcel is a big, physical receiver who is a wide target for Stanback. He has the abilities to make the big play and should fill the void left by WR Craig Chambers, who transferred at the end of last season. We've been saying that Reece should be the go-to-guy, though Washington hasn't made him it yet.

BN: We hear Husky LB Savannah is going to miss this game? How does that impact the Husky LBing crew?

UDD: Shouldn't matter much. EJ Savannah is a good player, though he's been pretty much coming off the bench or playing in more specific defensive packages. Scott White has looked good at the linebacker position and he's the guy UCLA should try to avoid.

BN: Who is  THE  leader of Husky Front-7? For e.g., LB Christian Taylor is the quarterback for the UCLA defense on the field. Who is the Christian Taylor (responsible for reading the offensive formation and calling out the plays) on the field?

UDD: Probably junior defensive end Greyson Gunheim. He's the guy who's really expected to make an impact on D and should be showing more leadership up front. Also, LB Scott White is playing with a lot of passion. He was demoted to a backup before the season but won the starting job back. He's playing with a chip on his shoulder which seems to be propelling him to a fast start.

BN: Sounds like the Husky secondary is a huge concern for the Washington fans? Is that still the case after holding the Fresno State offense to 140 yards in passing?

UDD: We have nightmares of the UW secondary and hold our breath everytime the opposing QB goes back to throw. And while Fresno State's Tom Brandstater didn't have a very good game last week, we're assuming one (or maybe two) of the following as to why he only threw for 140 yards:

1. Brandstater is not a very good quarterback
2. Brandstater ate bad oatmeal that morning
3. He found his girlfriend sleeping with his roommate
4. Brandstater is actually left-handed
5. He was mesmorized by the UW student body

We are by no means convinced the Washington secondary is healthy. "Southpaw Jesus" should expect to throw for more yards than miles covered on his mission. The pass coverage was better last week, but is not fixed and remains the bane of many Husky fans.

BN: So former Husky great Don James was pretty much forced to retire because of scandals involving Husky players who among other things (gasp) accepted courtesy fruit baskets. What do you think should happen to Southern Cal if the allegations concerning Reggie Bush turn out to be true?

UDD: USC should have to apologize and hug and makeup. That's it. We think the whole Bush scandal is ridiculous. Nothing he allegedly did or took affected his play (or USC's) on the field. Taking away his Heisman or the National Championship? We call BS. It's just silly. We touched on this over at our other site, The Big Picture, too. Had Bush taken 'roids, punched a little girl, or pulled a gun on some teenagers at a fast food restaurant, a la Marcus Vick, well, then we may have an issue. But this little scandal just seems so minor that we would rather it just go away.

BN: There will be a few Bruin fans cruising around the Emerald City. So tell us some of your choice spots for enjoying the fine local brew and checking out the local 'talent' (BTW are there any Seattle)?

UDD: The Ram brewery in University Village is the best sports bar near Husky Stadium. Great beer, reasonable prices, and the waitresses rival those of Hooters. (Sorta, kinda, not really. Though they're likely younger and don't have herpes). It's a fun spot to go before the game as it will be packed with people watching other games and getting loaded before kickoff.

As for the local talent, well, there is talent in Seattle. Believe it or not. Might not compare to Westwood, but there are certainly some cuties out here who like to pretend that they like and understand football.

BN: Thanks for all the answers UDD. Shall we do this during the hoops season?

UDD: You better believe it! We can't wait for b-ball season and would love to chat about that as well. Thanks for having us!