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Westwood Meltdown Becoming A National Story

It was going to happen sooner or later. When there is so much finger pointing going on in that - ask him not me - kind of way, sooner or later everyone else around the country will take notice. AOL's fan house on Dorrell's circular firing squad in Westwood:

Unable to accept that Isaiah Stanback and the Washington Huskies were able to defeat them, the UCLA Bruins are opening up the circling firing squad after their 29-19 loss in Seattle.

The new culprit in Westwood for the embarrassment of losing to the Huskies? Offensive coordinator Jim Svoboda.

With a 16-14 lead and third and goal on the ten, what do the Bruins do? Run. With backup tailback Khalil Bell. Get stopped. Kick a field goal. Of course, it would take LAUSD math--not UCLA--to think that a touchdown would have helped the Bruins overcome their ultimate 10-point deficit.
It's even worse over at much respected FanBlogs, who are calling out Dorrell as Baghdad Bob.

Dorrell is fast becoming a national laughing stock. And to help him out Bruin fans themselves are stepping up to give him a little guidance as in college football for dummies.

Perhaps that's where KD should start before preparing to do a little more "growing" against Stanford.