Req'd Reading for KD: College Football for Dummies

bornagainBRUIN has few rules of thumb for KD and Svoboda:

Dear Karl and Jim,

I may have learned these rules of thumb in Pop Warner, but they are still relevant today.

  1. Go for the jugular when you have the momentum. One pass into the endzone in 10 snaps inside the opponents 10 yard line is not going for the jugular.
  2. On third and goal from the 10, you should throw the ball. Only run the ball when you are blowing the other team out and don't want to embarrass them.
  3. When you are WINNING by 10 points with 5 minutes remaining, it is ok to run the ball and try to eat up the clock. When you are LOSING by 10 points with 5 minutes remaining, it is NOT ok to run the ball and eat up the clock.
  4. When you are running wild on the other team and have them on their heels, go for it on 4th and 1 foot near midfield. Note: This is especially true when your defense is manhandling the other team's offense and they haven't even made 1 first down. Question: If you don't go for it on this type of situation, when will you? Also, show some confidence in your offense and your defense by going for it sometimes.
  5. When you are down by 10 points and the other team has the ball with 3+ minutes left, use a timeout to stop the clock after they only pick up 1 yard on first down. Also, after they gain only a few yards on second down, immediately call a timeout. Don't hesitate for 8 to 10 seconds with the deer in the headlights look before you call a timeout.
  6. ON THIRD DOWNS, STOP THROWING PASSES SHORT OF THE MARKER TO WELL COVERED RECEIVERS. You can blame Olson for throwing passes to these guys (you probably already have), but it is your job to call better plays that will give him the best chance to succeed. COACH the kid into understanding which receivers he can go to for the first down.
  7. The goal in a football game is to score the most POINTS, not score the most TIMES. Stop being so dang conservative once you are in field goal range. Please, just once, go for the jugular.
  8. Don't blame your players when you lose. Period. And especially not when it is painfully obvious that playcalling lost the game.
I'd laugh if not following UCLA football was so tragic. I hate myself for caring so much for Bruins.

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